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89: All That Counts Is How Impeccable We Are In Our Day To Day Life; The Path With Heart Is The Path That Results From Choosing Impeccably; Finding This Path Is Our Job As Probes Of The Dark Sea

(The Shadow Lore)

What is the path with heart?

It is a path that makes us one with it. One that commands our attention. Merely following the path is enough reward, we need no other reason. There are no tears of frustration or regrets on such a path, there is only consuming passion.

Finding this path is our job as probes of the Dark Sea.

The recapitulation teaches us that our fall from grace is in believing that we are separate from that Dark Sea. We are entirely comprised of it. There is nothing we can call “mine”, for all of our experience, all of our being, belongs to the Dark Sea. Giving our experience back to the Dark Sea returns us to our function as probes, which is finding the path with heart. It is Intended that we find it. The Dark Sea seeks that path through us. The Dark Sea’s gift is that we witness the journey.

The key to the path with heart is to give your experience to the Dark Sea up front, as it happens. To realize that you are acting not for your “self”, but for the Dark Sea. This is unavoidable, in any case. All that is left to you is to decide how you will use the power to choose that you’ve been given.

The path with heart is the path that results from choosing impeccably, by choosing what moves you, what you love, what you are passionate about.


Intent is a force we acquiesce to, not one we control.  But this does not imply that intending is beyond the grasp of anyone.  We all do it, all the time.  It’s a question of style.  Impeccability is behavior that arises from having a glimpse of what you are acquiescing to, and going with it.


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