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37: Anger Consumes Energy

“They are waiting for me to get angry”, said Castaneda, “but don Juan’s most important message and the cornerstone of his teachings is that one should overcome negative emotions and properly distribute energy, which is achieved through the erasure of personal self-importance and absence of anger. The fact is that anger consumes the energy, which enables us to work on ourselves and to achieve the second attention. A great nagual, as was don Juan, sees people as an inexhaustible field of energy with unheard-of and incomprehensible possibilities and potentialities. He saw man as a luminous egg, but for anybody to see it as such, it takes energy that we waste irreparably by getting angry because somebody has hurt our pride and our self-importance.”

“If I got angry every time people say that I am short or ugly”, Castaneda went on, “I would waste so much energy that I wouldn’t be able to do anything else but to indulge in being angry and thus would have no energy left for dreaming. Therefore, you should start by not getting angry”.


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