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152: The Shadow Beings; The Misfortune Of Human Beings Is That, As A Race, They’re Still In Their Childhood. In Comparison With Other Entities, We’re Just Arriving At The Cosmic Party, Where The Rule Is Predation

(The Universal Spiderweb by Armando Torres)

I have among my notes, almost at the beginning of my arrival among them, one discussion in which don Melchor warned me about the shadows for the first time: “You should be careful of the shadows because they come and steal your energy.” On that occasion I didn’t pay very much attention to him; however, with cryptic sentences like that, he kept me alert all the time. He explained: “Of course calling them “shadows” is only one way of referring to something that goes beyond description; for that reason, it’s very difficult to speak or think about them, or even to accept their existence.”

He was right in saying it because, at least for me, one of the most difficult aspects of accepting their beliefs was ultimately related to those dark beings. It seemed to me like a plot taken out of the darkest medieval dogma, like threats about the devil and eternal fire as preached by the church; at the time I thought that it was no more than a method of coercion to keep the apprentices in line. However, as I was able to verify later on, it’s a hard fact that, for those few who perceive, it’s in a class of its own.

“Modern man doesn’t know what to do with this matter and transforms everything into a religious question. If you ask, they’ll tell you that they believe that life, somehow, continues after death, but, if you ask them if they believe in ghosts, they get scared and deny their existence.”

At that time, following the wisdom of the path, even when I didn’t believe something, I behaved as if I accepted it. In terms of the warrior’s teachings, that’s called believing without believing, which is to say acting as if you believe and then waiting patiently until, in due time, the truth is revealed.

At the present time, despite all sorts of confirmations from science, modern man’s error continues to be not considering the reality of the energy world. They prefer to think that everything is a mental or philosophical question. However, if we think objectively, the explanation of the sorcerers clarifies perfectly the reasons for people’s ups and downs.

Surely, everybody has felt those strange sensations that come from who-knows-where and literally possess the person. People try to explain them as strange emotional outbursts. Women, due their anatomy and greater sensibility, are especially susceptible to them.

He continued explaining: “They’re like dark shadows that are everywhere, unknown forces that are conscious and affect the physical world, but take care, because they’re not really shadows.”

“Then why do they call them shadows?” I asked.

“Talking about them as dark shadows is not correct; they’re not like common and ordinary shadows; however, that’s the sensation they give when one sees them, so the name sticks. Once you learn how to distinguish them from among the ordinary shadows, you’ll be able to find them everywhere. They come in different forms, sizes and shades, and they adapt themselves to every situation.”

Seeing my look of consternation, he said, “You should gradually get ready for a face to face encounter, so that when the moment comes, you won’t shit from fear.”

Obviously, that kind of commentary just served to heighten my anxiety. He constantly prodded me with ghost stories which he called “manifestations of the invisible world,” until the tension reached such a point that, merely by referring to the topic, he made me want to run away from there screaming.


One day the healers took me to the funeral of don Mariano, a sorcerer-dancer from another town who was an old friend of the abuelos. And it so happens that, at the same time that the wake was being held for the deceased in the living room of the residence, in another nearby room, a midwife was helping a woman in labor to give birth.

After a cry, they announced that a boy had just been born. The owner of the house told me that the name of the child would be Mariano. I believed that it was in honor of the dancer who lay dead in his casket, but later, don Melchor explained to me that don Mariano belonged to a tradition that practiced the transfer of bodies to perpetuate themselves. Showing me the newborn boy, he said, “This is already the ninth time for Marianito.”

“But, will the boy remember that he was himself?” I asked with a knot in my stomach.

“In his case, yes, he will remember it because he’s a practitioner of retracing the steps. However, there are other fraternities that have similar practices, but they don’t do the recounting of the events of their lives as they should. In these cases, one begins from zero. They don’t remember anything; they may have occasional flashes of memories, but almost all of their previous lives are lost, so they have to learn everything again every time they do a transfer. To achieve this, they count on the help of fraternities that are dedicated to doing exactly that.”

“For that reason, recapitulation is so important; the idea is to make a copy of all the memories and experiences of our lives. This way, when the organic part ceases to exist, the energy double will still preserve its memories…. The organic memory carries over from electrochemical impulses into conscious energy…. Oblivion is the true death.”

While he was living, I had met don Mariano. He belonged to the council of elders. I met him in one of the ceremonies that I participated in. For some reason, I felt uncomfortable in his presence; it was as if he was a person from another time. On one occasion, he told me:

“I watched as the Spanish conquerors, covered with their brilliant armor, paraded around mounted on their horses; many Indians believed that the man and beast were one and the same being.”

Obviously, I didn’t take his words very seriously. I believed that he must have been speaking figuratively. For myself, I thought that the old man was a little “touched in the head,” but later, in light of these revelations, I began to believe that, perhaps, he really had seen the conquerors in their brilliant armor.


The experience at don Mariano’s place left me with an ambivalent sensation. After that, I came to accept the possibility that in the world there are entities that are able to take possession of other people’s bodies. I asked don Melchor about that. He confirmed that, indeed, there were several kinds of beings that could do it, and that the tradition of the dancers was one of the most innocuous because it involved the appropriation of a newly born body, a blank slate, and then living a new life through old age, but that “others didn’t have so many scruples.”

“Why do you say that, don Melchor?”

“Because there are those who take a body when the being already has self-awareness, and in some extreme cases, there are those who change bodies just as one changes clothes.”

“That’s surprising!” I yelled, feeling shocked by his statements. “Is it really true?” I added, incredulous of what I’d heard.

“You bet!” he said. “And that’s not all. There are some ‘transplanters’ who are really evil; when they find a sick mind, with a weak will, easily suggestible, then these tormented beings that feed on violence and death literally take possession of their victim, forcing him to commit monstrous acts of extreme cruelty. Then they abandon the body of the miserable one, and it has to assume the consequences of his acts, and no matter how much the convict insists on not knowing how to explain what happened, nobody believes him. And so the jails are full of prisoners’ stories that they swear not to remember anything at all about what they did, and they’re telling the truth. It’s probable that they were under the influence of some of those entities when they commited their crimes.”

“How many kinds of transplanters exist, don Melchor?” He took off his hat, scratched the head and responded:

“There are human and non-human. Both of them are divided into many categories. There are the ones who were human before but now are disincarnate; they take over the bodies of others with the objective of living longer; these are a kind of what you could call ‘death defiers.’ Besides the transplanter types, there are many other discarnate beings that take over a body for many reasons and for different periods of time, not to mention the non-human entities that also come to the banquet.”

“What about human beings that have already died?” I asked him.

“Those that have already left this world become inorganic awarenesses; they remain in their respective places while they’re in the process of being assimilated.

“There are many types on the other side, ranging from common ghosts that even don’t remember who they are, up to powerful wizards who, if you’re lucky enough, might deign to offer help. Sorcerers call them helpers or allies. Some of them are sorcerers who left long ago, but for some reason stay involved in human affairs. In these cases, it’s possible that, on occasions and under the strict consent of the person, they can take a body, either to cure or to teach.”

“As for the Shadows Beings on the other hand, they don’t usually possess people’s bodies; their only interest is to take their energy, but on some occasions they also do it.”

I told him that I really didn’t like the idea of invasions of bodies.

“The transfer is not just an idea. It’s a fact!” he answered emphatically.

I told him what Castaneda had told me about “the other” and he responded:

“The case of Carlitos is different; he’s possessed by the energy of the nagual. That’s the reason why the fucker is practically dying! Holding the energy of the nagual inside oneself is no laughing matter; you have to be very strong to support it.”

“Being light as a feather works well for the energy body, but for the physical body to survive the blow, you have to be as strong as a bull.

“The fact is that there are invisible beings that possess the bodies of people. You should keep that in mind, that sometimes people are not themselves.”

“How do they take possession of a body?” I asked him full of curiosity.

“The procedure is more or less the same that they use to feed.” He told me about the strategies the predators use to possess a body: “They occupy the same space as the physical body, then they begin to vibrate at a certain frequency, and they force the organic body to vibrate in unison with them, until the transfer is completed.”

On another occasion he said, “We call them Shadow Beings, but don’t believe that calling them shadows make them fictitious or illusory. The absolute truth is that they’re entities just as real as we are.”

“They’ve existed for millions of years; their powerful awareness contains experiences from other universes…. They refer to us as the ‘ephemeral’ ones. They’ve succeeded, since long ago, in being liberated from any physical body, and now they exist as conscious energy.”

“Their purposes are inscrutable for limited beings such as us; they get into all sorts of mischief that we’re not able to understand. In comparison, we’re still a primitive and insignificant species, totally absorbed in our own egos.”

With the purpose of establishing correspondences across different terminologies, I asked him, “Do those dark shadows have something to do with the inorganic beings that Carlos speaks of?” [Castaneda used the terms “mud shadows” and “flyers.”]

“They ARE the inorganic beings!” he answered with such vehemence that I desisted from asking him if the existence of those beings was literal, or only a metaphor for our internal demons.

“Carlitos called them the flyers,” he continued; “for sure he called them this because of the way they look when they float in mid-air.”

After a short silence, during which I surely revealed my incredulity, I asked him, “How many of those beings exist?”

“There are so many that they can’t be counted,” he answered. “However, on our planet there’s one dominant group; sorcerers have known them forever.”

I begged him to tell me more about the other types of inorganic beings. He didn’t answer me directly, but in the course of our conversations, I was able to organize a list of possible types, such as the watery ones, the electric ones, the effervescent ones, some that resembled bells and other flames, apart from those that have the form of spheres or shadows that float like soap bubbles, among many other kinds. According to the sorcerers, in this world these kinds constitute a much smaller number in comparison with the shadow beings.

“Just like what happens with everything else, among the inorganic beings there are also hierarchies, classes and subclasses. They’re fractioned into an infinity of types; some are powerful entities the size of whole planets, while others are not much bigger than a marble. In our world, there are beings as big as an entire city, entities that, when they float, look like dark clouds that block the light of the sun.”

“Some of them are like domestic animals; they’ve adapted to human lifestyles. They pass all their time marauding in search of any waste of energy.”

“There are other entities, however, that play a much more active role in attracting the masses; this way they’re able to consume big quantities of energy each time. Others are of the type of hijackers that rush in by surprise and snatch away the energy of their victims.”

“Anyone can feel when they’re attacked because then they start to feel uncomfortable; they start feeling things that until a moment ago were not there; that’s a clear sign of the predator in action.”

“It’s very common that after being harvested, people feel sick or they don’t feel like doing anything. Some believe that the abrupt changes in their biorhythms are due to a natural system of highs and lows, but it’s only the effect of the drop in energy after having been harvested.

“There’s a vast range of beings that specialize in finding nourishment in a certain kind of emotion. It’s as if they were gourmets that knew exactly which buttons to push, so the individual releases the specific type of energy that’s most agreeable to them. In the past they had other strategies, but, at the present time, they use our own technology to control to the masses. They’re the ones who inspire movie producers to make movies that activate certain centers, so that when people feel moved seeing them, what really happens is that the scenes that inspire terror, love, violence or whatever, make the human mass vibrate in the frequency that they want.”

On another occasion, I asked him if there were places where the predators attack with more frequency. He said:

“Because for them physical barriers are not an obstacle, they attack in any place and at any moment; there’s no secure place. However, their favorite places are where there are masses of people; the mass generates the appropriate kind of energy that they desire. Do you remember when I warned you that you shouldn’t go to the cinema or do any other activity that involves large groups of people? That was because those are the moments when they feast.”

I remembered that he once prevented me from attending mass events, especially if it was entertainment. He remarked:

“The multitudes create the perfect atmosphere for energy transfer.” He paused to give me time to assimilate what he had told me. I must have looked confused or absorbed because he smiled kindly, understanding my dilemma:

“The shadow beings are the ones most responsible for how humans behave. In general, the masses are motivated by something specific such as religious fervor, the passion for sports, political motives, or anything else of that sort. When vibrating all together, the mass generates its own impulse, thus creating the ideal conditions for the transfer; obviously the predators take advantage of that.”

“In fact, for an isolated individual, it’s probably never of his own doing when, for example, he unites with a violent crowd that attacks and destroys everything in their path. The reason they act this way is because they surely are under the influence of some of those entities.”

“The only thing that interests the inorganic beings is the high energy of the organics. The constant attacks are for the purpose of draining people’s energy. They achieve that objective when, for example, they make a person angry, or they emit any other kind of emotion. They take advantage of every kind of emotional outburst that can occur.”

“If you pay close attention, you’ll see that all the time people react to their environment based on emotions. Most of the time, these are like gentle waves, but there are also times when they appear as violent or explosive surges.”

Despite my bewildered look, he continued with his idea: “To help you understand, I’ll tell you that sorcerers of the past had agreements with certain entities that demanded sacrifices of blood from them; for that reason, they created rituals to terrify their victims to death.”

“This is how they squeezed out the kind of energy that best suited those beings, which in that case was fear. This is still valid today; those same sinister entities continue their struggle with the humanity. They might have changed their tactics, but the objective is still the same: to feed on people’s terror.”

“I still don’t get it,” I complained. “How did they make those people release a specific type of energy?”

“They achieve that objective by implanting ideas, making their victims vibrate at a certain frequency; for example, when somebody says that he suffered a panic attack, or that fury possessed him, that’s literal, it’s the predator in action. Through this shepherding, they actively promote those mood changes because they feed off them. This is how the transfer happens.”

“Taking the advantage that their invisibility affords them, the inorganic beings shepherd humanity. Without anybody noticing it, they implant thoughts in people. It’s for that reason that the sorcerers affirm that our mind is not really ours; it’s a by-product created by the whisperers.”

“The enormous task of the serpent people is to combat the shadows beings and their emissaries, the whisperers.”

“Why do you call them whisperers?”

“Because that’s what they are,” he said circumspectly. “They’re specialists in whispering orders in the ears of people; they implant ideas, making them seem like our own thoughts. It’s easy to perceive these insinuations because they differ from our thoughts in the respect that, in fact, those suggestions are not really our desires. Those alien intuitions frequently suggest that we behave like idiots.”

“For sure, at some moment or other, we’ve all perceived, as it invades us, a kind of feeling or thought that doesn’t seem to be our own because it’s not! Often, these vibrations suggest that we act in some manner that may even make us to feel sick to the stomach.”

“The mind of the predator is murderous, and when they attack, they insinuate things that, if the person lets it take over, bring out the worst that there is in each of us.”

“They manage humanity according to their whim, and they exercise a great influence on almost all aspects of people’s lives.”

“How do they achieve this objective?”

“It’s necessary to take into account that they’re master manipulators. They know us intimately; they’re with us from the very beginning.”

“They’re almost eternal. Throughout history, people have known them by different names.

“Ordinary people perceive them as ghosts, apparitions, or maybe as some mythological being, perhaps as angels or demons, as the case may be. We’ve learned how to live with them in the same way that we get used to insects, viruses, bacteria, and everything else.”

“In fact, we don’t have much choice. Our ancestors made an agreement with them, in which they gave us rationality in exchange for our energy, but, as always happens when one makes agreements with that species, we were deceived. By not specifying, human beings gave the consent to be consumed at their discretion, so that the whisperers or ‘the foreign mind’ have taken complete possession of humanity. We have been transformed into their food source.”

“Look closely at how they celebrate newborn babies with rituals, and I don’t just mean religious ones, because with each new instruction it receives, the infant is programmed by the predator to obey its norms so that it’s almost impossible to escape from the fold.”

“Can they compel us to to fulfill their desires?” I asked with a knot in my throat. Shaking his head, he said:

“Not directly, no, but they’re very patient and very persuasive; they almost always achieve their objective by whispering orders into people’s ears and interfering with their decisions.”

“The fact is that, in this very space-time, coexisting alongside us, are beings from other levels, without physical form but equally conscious. These beings are much older than humans; compared to them, we’re like infants. Seeing them from our point of view, they seem like entities that have existed forever; they possess an almost limitless consciousness.”

“Unfortunately, due to the shield of our day-to-day concerns, people are totally immersed in the affairs of their egos, so they don’t even realize what’s going on around them.”

“The misfortune of human beings is that, as a race, they’re still in their childhood. In comparison with other entities, we’re just arriving at the cosmic party, where the rule is predation.”

“This is certainly not a universe of peace and love; rather it’s a place where an eternal fight to assimilate each other reigns. Perhaps we’re like a child walking confidently, amid a forest full of dangers without even being aware of it.”

“The same way that cowboys guide the flock according to their whim, these beings use their immense knack for persuasion to guide humans in the direction they want. In this way, they steal from us the capacity to make decisions.”

“When the strength of our will no longer controls the course of our decisions, we’re reduced to the mercy of those dark forces. For that reason, the warrior fights with all his strength to, at any cost, maintain the freedom to make decisions, so he discards any commitment that could divert him from his goal.”

“These are the kinds of behavior that give sorcerers their reputation as antisocial hermits, but, at the same time, that maneuver gives them the time and necessary isolation to carry out their tasks. In that way, warriors raise their energy levels even higher. This is how they’re able to ignore the agreement made by our ancestors.”

“And that’s the reason why sorcerers say they don’t honor agreements in which they didn’t participate.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means that they refuse to surrender their energy to the predator, and that they’re free from social coercion, although, to accomplish that, they have to sacrifice their contact with humans. To avoid attrition, when sorcerers walk among men, they follow the strategy of the path of warrior of not attracting attention to themselves; in that way, they save tons of energy. That’s acting impeccably.”

He said, “The social rules are the structures created by the dark forces to keep our species in their prison.”

“What kind of prison are you talking about?” I asked. “I’m referring to the social structure that robs people of their energy, and finally even leads the subject to physical death – but only after having squeezed every last drop out of him. When there’s no longer anything, they discard him as used material and throw him in some home for old people so that there, in isolation, he awaits his end.”

“Therefore, the advantage of the sorcerers resides in not feeling obligated to keep agreements that they didn’t make.”

“Could you talk more about those agreements?” I asked anxiously.

“It happened in very remote times, in our earliest beginnings, that dark forces came from the depths of the cosmos and found our ancestors, primitive but with great potential for development, so, like tamers of beasts, they intended to train them for their own benefit.”

“Toward that goal, they gave men their mind and they taught him reason, but the trap in that agreement was in the requirement that we should adapt to their specifications; so our reality became a prison, from which very few are able to escape.”

“The human race became a food source for our tamers in the same way that our animals are food for us. We’re all chained to the social structure; we’re links in the system.”

“We’re indoctrinated from the moment we’re born, until the sensation of belonging to a hard world of ‘fact’ becomes such an inflexible certainty that any other option is virtually impossible.”


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