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38: The Healing Power of Water

(The Secret of the Plumed Serpent by Armando Torres)

One basic movement that can be done by anyone is to energize one’s hands by rubbing them together. This movement generates heat: concentrated energy that can then be employed in different tasks or placed into a body part as required, such as energizing the eyes, ears or throat. It can also be used to cure, relieve pain and fatigue, among other possible benefits.

The sorcerers’ secret is that, while rubbing their hands, they silently intend to achieve what they’ve set out to do. That is how they transform the rubbing of hands into a magical act.

Among the healers, I have learned that one of the most effective vehicles of healing is water. When used in specific ways, it becomes not only a sacred medicine but also a vehicle for connecting one with the other world.

I once asked don Gabinito about it. Although he suffered fits of madness, he was sane most of the time, and, to tell the truth, I felt most comfortable talking to him.

Don Gabinito told me that knowledge of water and its properties were secrets of power, and that I should wait for the right time to learn about them. I saw his answer as a delicate and effective way of getting rid of me. I agreed to wait for the appropriate time, but only a few days later I betook myself to doña Silvia, asking her craftily to teach me the basic water techniques.

She glanced at don Gabinito with a severity that made him shrink. Then she addressed me saying that she would teach me the first two manoeuvres with water.

“You can use water as a source of health,” she said. “This procedure is available to everyone, and brings enormous benefits to the body. The treatment involves drinking a glass of energized water just before bedtime, and another one on waking up. The procedure is, as ever, simplicity itself: you fill a glass of water, rub your hands until hot, and put them on the water container. The water is thereby energized. If you wish, while the water is being energized, you can add a command such as, ‘I infuse this water with healing vibrations for such and such a complaint’ or ‘to help achieve such and such an objective’.”


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