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130: “Never Become Obsessed With Anything. If At Any Time You Feel That It Is Turning Into Hard Work, Put It Aside For A While And Do Something Else. You’ll See That The Moment To Continue With Whatever You Were Doing Before Will Come Of Its Own Accord.”

(The Secret of the Plumed Serpent by Armando Torres)

At first, even after having received a great amount of instruction in the healers’ art, I still did not consider myself one. I despaired of my awkwardness and my failure to understand and apply the knowledge that I had received. I felt inept and that troubled me, because whenever it was my turn to attend to someone, a strange pressure which I could only describe as apprehension, nervousness or even anguish took hold of me.

Noticing my frustration, doña Silvia advised:

“Never become obsessed with anything. Enjoy whatever you’re doing. If at any time you feel that it is turning into hard work, put it aside for a while and do something else. You’ll see that the moment to continue with whatever you were doing before will come of its own accord.”

When I told her about my nervousness, she said that I had to let myself go with that feeling. Letting oneself go was in any case the technique of contacting the spirit that guides the healers. Personally I describe it as yielding to the pressure, not putting up resistance. It is a matter of becoming part of the spirit that guides all healers; it means aligning with the emanations sorcerers share.


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