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159: The Magical Passes; The Heritage Of The Ancient Seers; Specific Movements Which Filled Us With Energy And Well-Being, And Helped Free Us From The Yoke Of The Foreign Mind

(Encounters with the Nagual by Armando Torres)

For some years, Carlos had been teaching some movements to small groups that he called ‘magical passes’, because, according to him, they served to prevent energy from stagnating and forming ‘balls’. ‘The Play of the Drum’ was one of the passes, ‘The Arrow to the Right and Left’, and ‘The Dynamo’ were among the others. He said Don Juan would practice them at any time of the day, wherever he happened to be. Mostly, he would do them before or after carrying something, or when he had been in the same position for a long while.

The matter interested me a lot, because I myself practiced some oriental postures, and

was generally inclined towards physical exercises. Therefore, at the first opportunity that presented itself, I asked him where he had learned the magical passes.

He answered:

“They are the heritage of the ancient seers.”

At that time, he was not much seen in public. But, little by little, his secrecy had become less rigid, and large groups of people began to approach him. As he began to teach the passes in public, Carlos began to change them somewhat, making them more complicated and dividing them into categories. He ended up giving them a name taken from architecture: Tensegrity, which, he told us, was the combination of two terms, tension and integrity.

From the very first, there were some detractors, resentful people who – without stopping to appreciate the practical side of these exercises – began to spread the word that the nagual had just invented them.

When I mentioned that I was worried about this, he was firm:

“Tensegrity is my intent! A nagual has authority, and this is my gift to the world.”

“Don Juan and his warriors taught their apprentices many specific movements which filled us with energy and well-being, and helped free us from the yoke of the foreign mind. My role has been to modify them slightly, taking them out of the sphere of the personal and adapting them to people in general, so that they become useful to other groups of practitioners.”

He told me that the method he had chosen in the beginning, of teaching the magical passes in a limited form, was in certain ways a failure, since those who were moved to practice them were too few to accumulate enough ‘energetic mass’. So, in this new phase, he had created a system able to impact on the awareness of multitudes.

“My cohorts and I will open a great door in the energy. That fissure is so powerful that it will last for ages, and those who approach it to look inside will be swallowed to another world. With Tensegrity, what I seek is to train those who are interested so that they can support that transition. Those who don’t have enough discipline, will perish in the intent.”

“The plan of disclosing the teachings is the summary of thirty years of practices and experiments. As a man and as a nagual, I have done as much as I have been able to do to make it work, because I know that the collective mass of many warriors can cause a commotion in the modality of our time.”


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