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155: Only Those Who Have Cut Their Chains With The World Can Really Be Capable Of Adopting Freedom As A Goal

(The Universal Spiderweb by Armando Torres)

In a meeting that we had with the aspirants, don Melchor talked about the ones who were no longer among us. He said:

“Now we can see that those who seemed to be the strongest were the first to fall. Everybody is busy, caught up in business and family.”

“Sorcerers says that only those who have already died from human existence are allowed into the world of the nagual. That means that only those who have cut their chains with the world can really be capable of adopting freedom as a goal.”

“How can you expect that a father of family or a businessman, full of commitments and responsibilities, will have time for the spirit?”

“Many think that the stalking of the sorcerers is to deceive others, but in fact, it’s designed to help the practitioner to become aware of himself. Only in this way is it possible to escape from the demands of the ego.”

“Recapitulating is the way to get free from all the garbage that you’re carrying,” he said in a reproachful tone to one of the apprentices. “You can’t live with one foot here and the other one there. If you come here, don’t bring with you the garbage that you made there; it’s better if you solve your conflicts first, and then come to see us.”

“I thought that maybe you could help me with my dilemma,” said the one he had referred to, with a voice barely audible.

“Your dilemma is a lack of energy,” he answered gruffly. “Without that, you won’t be able to make any decision. If you want to advance, you have to save energy. You already know what you have to do, so, why haven’t you done it?”

“I don’t know how to get out of my situation. I can’t just abandon everything as if it was nothing,” he muttered.

“Of course you can. What do you think would happen if you died tomorrow? Absolutely nothing!” he said answering his own question; then, he continued in a cutting tone:

“Everything will continue just the same, and it won’t take long. Your wife will find another to replace you, and after a while, they’ll forget you.” The fellow was visibly affected; he seemed like someone who had been hit by a truck, but he kept on hammering pitilessly:

“Your family obstacle is only an excuse that exists exclusively in your mind. As I told you before, your real problem is lack of energy. Do your work, recapitulate your life, and you’ll see that it’s not as complicated as you want it to seem.”

“That’s my other problem,” he said in a justifying tone. “I’ve tried to recapitulate, but I can’t concentrate. It’s very difficult and costs me a lot of effort. What can I do?” Don Melchor answered him in a severe manner:

“The best thing for you is start to cut out everything that’s not necessary in your life; then you’ll start to get a feel for when it’s the correct time to take each step.”

“Start by making a list of all your activities, and discard everything that is not crucial for your survival and well being. Only in this way will you find time to keep going forward; then make a list of your memories, and start to examine them one by one until you’ve purified all aspects of each event.”

“This is a twenty-four hour a day fight every day, and it’s already difficult enough for those who are completely devoted to it; imagine then, how difficult it would be for a common man, entangled in daily matters.”

“The prize is not for the strongest, nor for the swiftest, but for those who persevere until the end.”

With an air of resignation, head down, the young man murmured: “Why so much work? If anyway we’re all gonna die.”

“Of course,” he said. “But death won’t be the same for everyone. Those who have managed to separate their energetic aspect from their personal history will be able to continue, maybe forever.”

Another aspirant told him, “I’ve already tried by all possible means to stop my thoughts, but it’s very difficult. What else can I do?”

“The only way to stop the internal dialogue is by intending it again and again, but you won’t be able to until you conquer the ego; only then is it possible to enter silence. To achieve it, you should become responsible for your own struggle. You should maintain your resolution to silence your mind for as long as necessary; you have to persist until you reach your goal.”

“Silence is cumulative; it’s possible to add to it second by second, until reaching the necessary quantity. After that, the silence takes control and you literally enter a world of wonders, where divided perception is a daily fact. After you’ve attained a certain level of experience, it’s possible to go in real time to other places on this earth, or to visit other worlds, or even to travel among the different layers of existence.”

“The results that they seek are only possible when they achieve silence. So it’s not for nothing that warriors covet this goal so much. We can affirm that all the previous effort is barely the preamble; it’s only after they reach mental silence that the real work begins. Starting there, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities and exploration.”

One of those present asked him: “But don Mencho, what can I do if there’s no group of practitioners there where I live?

“Very simple, ‘mijo,’” he responded. “Do your practice by yourself alone. We’re all fighting against the clock; the only thing waiting for us at the end of the road is death. Having understood this, any effort that you make is already something.”

Responding to another question, he said, “We don’t have any choice. We’re all conditioned to have an internal dialogue, but that doesn’t mean we’re forced to think about something in particular. So, if you have to maintain an internal dialogue, at least choose wisely the topic that you think about, which means that, instead of giving free rein to the thoughts or weakening yourself with ideas of self-pity, you should create strategies that allow you to focus your thoughts on investigating transcendental topics.”

“Instead of giving in to distractions or filling your mind with negative orders, it would be better to choose to think about the concepts of the path of warriors so that it strengthens you. For warriors, the sense of opportunity is everything; that’s the purpose that governs their whole life, polishing their link with the spirit.”


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