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Not Doing
(Journey to Ixtlan) I was jotting down my impressions of the surroundings when don Juan, after a long silence, suddenly spoke in a dramatic tone. “I have brought you here to teach you one thing,” he said and paused. “You are going to learn not-doing. We might as well talk about it because there is … Continue reading Not Doing →

The Somersault of Thought into the Inconceivable
(The Power of Silence) “Would you say, don Juan, that death is the only real enemy we have?” I asked him a moment later. “No,” he said with conviction. “Death is not an enemy, although it appears to be. Death is not our destroyer, although we think it is.” “What is it, then, if not … Continue reading The Somersault of Thought into the Inconceivable →

Reason versus Silent Knowledge
Silent Knowledge (Encounters with the Nagual) In another conversation, Carlos said that our reason is a byproduct of the foreign mind, and that we shouldn’t trust it. For someone with my mental make-up, this was very difficult to accept. When I asked him about this, he explained that what sorcerers reject is not the capacity … Continue reading Reason versus Silent Knowledge →

Awareness of Death
Awareness Of Death (from Encounters with the Nagual by Armando Torres) Over the years, the need to understand the world had led me to store a lot of scientific or religious explanations on almost everything, which all had one common denominator: A great trust in the continuity of man. By helping me to see the … Continue reading Awareness of Death →

The Black Magicians
The Black Magicians Tales of Power “You like the humbleness of a beggar,” he said softly. “You bow your head to reason.” “I always think that I’m being tricked,” I said. “That’s the crux of my problem.” “You’re right. You are being tricked,” he retorted with a disarming smile. “That cannot be your problem. The … Continue reading The Black Magicians →

The Four Enemies of Man
The Four Enemies of Man (TTodJ) In our conversations, don Juan consistently used or referred to the phrase “man of knowledge”, but never explained what he meant by it. I asked him about it. “A man of knowledge is one who has followed truthfully the hardships of learning,” he said. “A man who has, without rushing … Continue reading The Four Enemies of Man →

The Petty Tyrant
The Petty Tyrant (The Fire from Within) “A petty tyrant is a tormentor,” he replied. “Some-one who either holds the power of life and death over warriors or simply annoys them to distraction.” Don Juan had a beaming smile as he spoke to me. He said that the new seers developed their own classification of … Continue reading The Petty Tyrant →

The Attention under the Table
THE ATTENTION UNDER THE TABLE (From The Second Ring of Power)) The Nagual and Genaro are sorcerers. Their two attentions are so tightly together that perhaps they’ll never die.” “Did the Nagual say that, Gorda?” “Yes. He and Genaro both told me that. Not too long before they left, the Nagual explained to us the … Continue reading The Attention under the Table →

Having to Believe
Having to Believe (Tales of Power) I walked towards downtown on the Paseo de la Reforma. I was tired; the altitude of Mexico City no doubt had something to do with it. I could have taken a bus or a taxi, but somehow in spite of my fatigue I wanted to walk. It was Sunday … Continue reading Having to Believe →

The Tonal and the Nagual
The Tonal and the Nagual (Tales of Power) Don Juan and I met again the next day at the same park around noon. He was still wearing his brown suit. We sat on a bench; he took off his coat, folded it very carefully, but with an air of supreme casualness, and laid it on … Continue reading The Tonal and the Nagual →

Gazing (The Second Ring of Power) “I’ve told you already what the Nagual told me about attention,” she said. “We hold the images of the world with our attention. A male sorcerer is very difficult to train because his attention is always closed, focused on something. A female, on the other hand, is always open … Continue reading Gazing →

To be Strong or Miserable
To be Strong or Miserable (Journey to Ixtlan) In a dramatic tone don Juan stated that well-being was a condition one had to groom, a condition one had to become acquainted with in order to seek it. “You don’t know what well-being is, because you have never experienced it,” he said. I disagreed with him. … Continue reading To be Strong or Miserable →

Forming a Cocoon
Forming A Cocoon Of Luminous Energy (The Sorcerers’ Crossing) “Lie down and close your eyes, but don’t fall asleep,” he ordered. Embarrassed, I did as he asked, feeling strangely vulnerable lying down in front of them. He knelt down beside me and spoke in a soft voice. “Imagine lines extending out from the sides of … Continue reading Forming a Cocoon →

Tendon Energy
(Magical Passes) (….) the shamans of ancient Mexico put a special emphasis on a force they called tendon energy. Don Juan said that they asserted that vital energy moves along the body via an exclusive track formed by tendons. I asked don Juan if by tendon he meant the tissue that attaches the muscles to … Continue reading Tendon Energy →

The Three Categories of Humans
(The Power of Silence) “Controlled folly is an art,” don Juan continued. “A very bothersome art, and a difficult one to learn. Many sorcerers don’t have the stomach for it, not because there is anything inherently wrong with the art, but because it takes a lot of energy to exercise it.” Don Juan admitted that … Continue reading The Three Categories of Humans →

The Right Way of Walking and Stopping the Internal Dialog
(Journey to Ixtlan) Wednesday, December 28, 1960 Immediately after I arrived at his house he took me for a walk in the desert chaparral. He did not even look at the bag of groceries that I had brought him. He seemed to have been waiting for me. We walked for hours. He did not collect … Continue reading The Right Way of Walking and Stopping the Internal Dialog →

Love for this Beloved, Splendorous Earth
(Tales of Power) “I am going to disclose to you a warrior’s secret. Perhaps you can call it a warrior’s predilection.” He addressed me in particular and said that once I had told him that the life of a warrior was cold and lonely and devoid of feelings. He even added that at that precise … Continue reading Love for this Beloved, Splendorous Earth →

The Assemblage Points
THE ASSEMBLAGE POINTS (Journal Number 4, Volume 1) Sorcerers consider the assemblage point to be the place where the flow of direct energy is turned into sensory data and interpreted as the world of everyday life. Don Juan said that the assemblage point, aside from doing all this, also has a most important secondary function: … Continue reading The Assemblage Points →

Magical Passes History and Purpose
(Magical Passes) Don Juan Matus, a master sorcerer, a nagual, as master sorcerers are called when they lead a group of other sorcerers, introduced me to the cognitive world of shamans who lived in Mexico in ancient times. Don Juan Matus was an Indian who was born in Yuma, Arizona. His father was a Yaqui … Continue reading Magical Passes History and Purpose →

Efficiency and Efficacy
Efficiency and Efficacy (Armando Torres – The Secret of the Plumed Serpent) In the course of another conversation, I told Carlos that I had started a regime of rising at five o’clock in the morning, taking a cold shower and then doing the exercises he had taught us. I thought Carlos would congratulate me on … Continue reading Efficiency and Efficacy →

Health – What, When, and How to Eat
The Second Ring of Power “Tell me now, what is the art of stalking?” I asked. “The Nagual was a stalker,” she said, and peered at me. “You must know that. He taught you to stalk from the beginning.” It occurred to me that what she was referring to was what don Juan had called … Continue reading Health – What, When, and How to Eat →

The Mastery of Awareness
The Mastery of Awareness (The Power of Silence) (…) the mastery of awareness, which was the cornerstone of his teachings, and which consist of the following basic premises: 1. The universe is an infinite agglomeration of energy fields, resembling threads of light. 2. These energy fields, called the Eagle’s emanations, radiate from a source of … Continue reading The Mastery of Awareness →

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