Toltecs; A Lineage Of Ancestral Knowledge That Had Flourished For Thousands Of Years In What Is Now Mexico And Parts Of Central America

(The Secret of the Plumed Serpent by Armando Torres)

As a young student of anthropology, Carlos received a strange system of knowledge and became involved in sorcerer’s training without being fully aware of what he had got himself into. He discovered that sorcery, far from being an absurd set of practices, spells and incantations, actually was a very ancient philosophy of life implemented by extremely disciplined practitioners.

By linking his fate to the Nagual’s party, Carlos learned that don Juan and his companions were the last of a lineage of ancestral knowledge that had flourished for thousands of years in what is now Mexico and parts of Central America; a unique culture of people passionately dedicated to discovering the secret of existence. They were known as toltecs.

Toltec is the name given to anyone practising the arts that lead to knowledge. Toltecs’ tasks relate to investigations in the field of self-control, the awareness of being, and the manipulation of inorganic beings they call allies.

Even today, scattered all over Mexico, descendants of those ancient lineages follow the path and practices of their ancestors.


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