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149: Gaining Awareness of the Energy Body; The Energy Body Tries To Communicate With The “Self” All The Time, But With Very Little Success

(The Universal Spiderweb by Armando Torres)

If we compare an infant who lacks coordination with a dancer or a gymnast trained to execute the most complex movements, one can only begin to have a hint of the colossal effort that the warrior has to expend in his training before he can reach the awareness of the energy body; and this is only possible by first achieving the awareness of the physical body.

In general, to achieve it requires arduous work in healing and exercising. That’s done by means of therapy, as much organic as psychological. Here is not the place to try to explain the organic treatments, since they are different from individual to individual, but it does make sense to treat the topic from the psychological level because this we can reach by means of words, which, no matter how far-fetched they may seem, they always open a space through the luminous mass; so the propositions, although extraordinary, become part of our total being, at first, perhaps as mere fantasies or mental gymnastics; however, as it gains strength, an idea can become power, and in this way, one can come to great realizations. That’s the reason why warriors choose so carefully where they focus their attention.

The awakening to awareness should be done first in an explanatory and orderly manner; however, some sorcerers don’t think this way, and they throw the apprentice “into the water,” so to speak, and let them learn how to swim by themselves alone. Many have died by following that method, and this has contributed in great measure, even among practitioners of sorcery, to an increase in the bad reputation of the naguals.

To achieve a true effect, the apprentice should open up to all possibilities, reasoning that: “The world is, in fact, much more mysterious than our wildest fantasies.”

At the psychological level, the only thing we have to do to perceive energy is to accept its existence. But this is not as simple as saying, “I accept”; the matter is a little more complex than that. What the sorcerers calls acceptance is a total and absolute conviction; there shouldn’t be even the tiniest shadow of a doubt. This is a level at which faith becomes experience, and then first-hand knowledge:

“I don’t believe that I have an energy body, I feel it! I perceive it! I am the energy body acting through the physical body!”

Among my comrades, in the beginning, we received the task of repeating sentences like “I am an energy field,” “I feel the energy,” “I perceive the energy,” “I feel my assemblage point.”

If one begins to repeat statements like these, the force of suggestion opens a trail to awareness, and what in the beginning were mere intellectual statements become real perception. It’s as if an inner seal or barrier is broken.

It’s true that, to achieve such a grade of certainty, extra energy is needed. This can be accumulated through following a series of strategies known as the way of the warrior; that includes the organic therapy, the exercises to strengthen the will and the physical body, and all the rest.

“However, in the end, what really matters is how impeccably one lives. For those who are on the path, learning the process and getting ready for the transition is the best thing to do.”

Many readers regret not being able to experience the same thing that Carlos experienced under don Juan’s tutelage. However, if somebody had those experiences without being prepared beforehand, the surest thing is that he would die, either from an inadequacy of energy, or from the tremendous impact that causes the divided perception, as well as the trips to alternative worlds.

“The asylums are full of casual seers.”

The conscousness of the energy mass is achieved in the same way that the awareness of the physical body is reached: by realizing it.

“What counts is to realize it.”

Now it’s difficult to remember, but in the beginning, we pass years learning how to perceive and to use our physical body. In the same way, one should take the necessary time to perceive each vibrant fiber that we’re composed of. When we do it, we end up feeling and perceiving energy directly.

To do that, it’s of vital importance to search for silence, since, while we’re distracted by the internal dialogue and the projections of the mind, it’s impossible to be aware of other more subtle levels. One basic exercise is to contemplate one’s own hands.

The bundle of energy that forms us is a vibrant bubble, aware on many levels; its complement, the physical body, is the energy factory from which it feeds. The energy body, as Carlos properly calls it in his works, is intuitive and it tries to communicate with the “self” all the time, but with very little success. The reason for this is that most people are stupefied by the forces that impel us, such as the passions, desire, the sense of possessing, etc.. Also, the energy body doesn’t speak through words, but rather, it communicates directly, by means of feeling and intuition.

For seers, a person is a bundle of energy lines that resemble fibers of light. These lines are connected with all that exists around us, as if they were tentacles; for example, when two people are near each other, they don’t need words to perceive the feelings that are shared between them; they know at an intuitive level. Many times, people can’t explain why sometimes they feel sympathetic toward some, while repelled by others; the reason is because, in some way, we all perceive at the level of energy.

“We’re an organic mass, with the capacity of generating energy that allows us to transcend the material level. In fact, even without being conscious of it, people surpass the physical barrier all the time. By thinking or feeling, or when dreaming, we’re acting from a different perception that’s obviously not at the physical level. Likewise, it’s possible to extend one’s energy out of sheer will, to the point of touching an object or person. In the same way, one can perceive the intention that exists behind everything. By achieving it, one becomes highly intuitive.”


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