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162: Healing Energy from the Earth

(The Second Ring of Power by Carlos Castaneda)

“The Nagual buried me,” she said. “For nine days I was naked inside a dirt coffin.” There was another explosion of laughter among them.

“The Nagual told her that she couldn’t get out of it,” Nestor explained. “Poor Gorda had to piss and shit inside her coffin. The Nagual pushed her inside a box that he made with branches and mud. There was a little door on the side for her food and water. The rest of it was sealed.”

“Why did he bury her?” I asked.

“That’s the only way to protect anyone,” Nestor said. “She had to be placed under the ground so the earth would heal her. There is no better healer than the earth; besides, the Nagual had to fend off the feeling of that rock, which was focused on la Gorda. The dirt is a screen, it doesn’t allow anything to go through, either way. The Nagual knew that she couldn’t get worse by being buried for nine days; she could only get better. Which she did.”


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