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165: Healing Energy from Caves

(The Second Ring of Power by Carlos Castaneda)

Lidia and Josefina came to the door and stared at me. I hurriedly got in the car. La Gorda got in after me, and as she did I could not help observing that she had entered the car as she would have entered a tunnel. She sort of crawled in. Don Juan used to do that. I jokingly said once, after I had seen him do it scores of times, that it was more functional to get in the way I did. I thought that perhaps his lack of familiarity with automobiles was responsible for his strange way of entering. He explained then that the car was a cave and that caves had to be entered in that fashion if we were going to use them. There was an inherent spirit to caves, whether they were natural or man-made, and that that spirit had to be approached with respect. Crawling was the only way of showing that respect.


(The Secret of the Plumed Serpent by Armando Torres)

A few days later, after I had returned to the healers’ house, don Melchor took me to see a very special cave. The entrance seemed to lead to a tunnel and was completely circular. When we entered, everything became dark after just a few steps, and a little further on the darkness was total.

It was then that I saw the energy of the Earth for the first time. After a spell of inner silence, in total darkness, I saw the whole cave ignite with brilliantly green colour, as if the walls were emitting a living greenish light resembling neon. I felt inundated by that light.

The experience left me with a sensation of plenitude that lasted hours, so huge I did not even want to speak. Finally breaking the silence, don Melchor explained that we had been in the womb of our holy mother Earth.


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