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177: Whispers Of The Spirit; An Invitation To Play; Energy Doesn’t Have Anything To Do With Morality. Morals Are A Human Convention, Made To Control The Masses. However, An Immoral Person Has A Greater Propensity To Lose Energy

(The Universal Spiderweb by Armando Torres)

A pleasant woman who looked after the place welcomed us. She greeted him by his name; apparently, he was a regular. We took a seat at a table in the corner.

One of the ideas that had impressed me most was that the spirit, being an impersonal power that gives life and form to everything that exists, could sustain a personalized relationship with each one individually.

I asked him about that; there was a pause as a dog passed among the tables and came directly toward us; we were the only customers at that moment. The dog looked at us fixedly, without begging, but also without missing out on any detail of our movements. When it saw that we weren’t eating anything, it turned around and went away toward the kitchen.

Suddenly, he said, “The Spirit is something unfathomable; you won’t understand it by asking questions, but everyone is different; maybe for you, that’s the way. But it would be easier if you just took things as they are; there’s no need to complicate them. Sorcerers know from experience that the spirit often manifests itself through signs, omens, and premonitions.”

I asked him to clarify that; smiling, he scratched his head, and said in a comic manner, “Just like that dog, you don’t let anything get away from you. Isn’t it true?” he said, pointing to my book of notes, obviously making fun of me.

“Well, here you go: the signs are useful for attracting the attention to something specific; they suggest that you should stop and investigate. The omens are there to indicate a course of action. The premonitions warn about events that are to come, and the agreements indicate a correct decision. “When one gets attuned, it’s possible to listen to the whispers of the spirit directly in our hearing, or perhaps, like a thought in our minds. By getting attuned, I refer to maintaining a balance in all the warrior’s attributes that you’ve been practicing, but at the same time, you have to relax and let yourself go.”

With an amusing expression, he said in an Italian accent: “Questo si, that’s a real feat’!”

He continued: “From behind the noise of the world, and even from behind the noise of our own minds, there’s a corner of peace; it’s like the eye of a hurricane where everything is calm, even when there’s a storm all around you. In that silent corner, it’s possible to hear the whispers of the spirit, telling us what’s what, and which path one should take. The task of looking for that special place inside oneself might take a lot of effort, but once you get there, it no longer matters how much noise or movement there is outside because then you’ll have found your center and nothing can move you from there.”

However, it’s a real art to know how to discern among the different kinds of thoughts that assail us.”

“Could you please explain to me the difference between the types of voices?” I asked. “Is the voice of the spirit a sound inside my head, or could it be that it speaks to us through other people?”

“To learn how to recognize the voice of the spirit is a matter of great urgency; one should learn how to separate it from our habitual thoughts or the other noises of the mind.”

“The difference between the voice of seeing, the inorganic beings’ voice, and the whispers of the spirit is that the voice of seeing describes to you what is happening. When you perceive it in the second attention, it’s a guide voice that tells you what’s what in that other realm.”

“The whispers of the spirit, on the other hand, are advice on how to act, like an intuition about which road you should take, while the voice of the inorganic beings is the one that suggests acting according to our emotions, knowing that the predominant thing for us is our personal importance. For that reason, it’s crucial to avoid making decisions based on emotions.”

“It’s necessary to realize the difference, which is that, when the spirit speaks, there’s always a certainty felt in the gut that things should be that way. Doubts only arise if we give our mind room to interpret. To hear it, it’s necessary to pay attention because the spirit speaks in a very low voice, an almost imperceptible whisper.”

“That voice that we all hear inside our heads that some identify as the ‘voice of the conscience’ is often used as a way of communication by the spirit to tell us things, to suggest directions to take or what decisions we should make. The most outstanding characteristic is that, when we pay attention, we’re filled with a wonderful feeling of peace and happiness for doing the correct thing.”

“The voice of intent is the incredible quality that the universe has of speaking and saying things to us, sometimes with words, but most of the time by means of signs. Every bird that flies, every person we speak with, each leaf that is carried by the wind, everything tells us something; they send messages, and if you had the speed to catch them, you’d receive instructions directly from intent all the time. That’s being connected.”

“The most frequent way that it warns us is through dreams because, when we’re sleeping, the ties of reason get loosened. Sometimes, the spirit uses animals, plants, and elements, or even our fellow men to transmit its messages.”

“Intent intertwines the threads of life in the most extraordinary way, inscrutable in many ways. For that reason, the warrior’s job is to be alert all the time; nobody knows where the sign will come from. Only if you keep your internal dialogue silent is it possible to grasp the messages that it sends us.”

“The important thing is that each one be able to find his own natural avenue to power, since it’s different for everyone. The messages of intent are personal; nobody else can listen to them for you.”

“If the warrior is flexible, he’ll listen to what the spirit says and he’ll make adjustments accordingly. If he doesn’t have enough energy, or if his nature is such that he resists, then he’s a dead warrior.”

For example, if you shut your mind up for just one second, you’ll perceive the voice of the spirit telling us what’s what at this very moment,” he said, looking at me quizzically. It was as if his look was pushing me to be quiet. I made an effort to reach internal silence, then I realized the deep calm that there was all around, even though we were only a few steps from the road. After a moment, he continued:

“We could say that the signs of the spirit are like an invitation to play,” he said, with a captivating smile, as if daring me to ask. In my academic training, I’d learned how to take note of key ideas that demanded a bigger explanation, so I wrote in my notebook “invitation to play” followed by a question mark.

A little girl who seemed to be the woman’s daughter served us a breakfast that, in spite of being simple, was truly delicious. As we ate in silence. Two other customers entered and greeted us, following the custom of saying to us, “provecho” (“Enjoy your meal”). When we finished, I tried to revive the topic of conversation, but he suggested that we return to the house. After sitting down in comfortable armchairs, I asked him:

“What about the games of the spirit?” He smiled, as if he’d been waiting for that question.

“They’re the situations that present themselves, seen from the warrior’s perspective,” he answered. “Ordinary people see them as the misfortunes of ‘real life.’ Therefore, it’s the responsibility of each one to know which battles to enter, and which to avoid. In fact, if you think about it, everything in life can be summarized like that.

“Calling them ‘games’ is just a way of referring to the indescribable; for warriors, our relationship with the spirit is like a cosmic game, in which each option takes you to different situations, and these, in turn, are linked to other new situations, and the process repeats indefinitely.

Thus, intent forces us all to participate in the game of life, having the world as our battlefield and time as the referee. When time runs out, death arrives, and the game is over.

“We could compare the path toward knowledge with a minefield; each choice we make can lead us either closer or farther from the objective. The way is full of traps, some of which are created by the spirit itself to test us. If we resist the distractions that put themselves in our path, we can continue on ahead; otherwise, one gets bogged down in details that can very well be our end.”

“The signs of the spirit are direct and pure; they come to us as they are, without passing through the filter of the collective consensus, where morality and prejudice play a predominant role.”

“Energy doesn’t have anything to do with morality. Morals are a human convention, made to control the masses. However, it’s interesting to note that an immoral person has a greater propensity to lose energy.”

“The warrior cultivates his personal power; he chooses each one of his steps deliberately, and he bases the strategy of his life on the purpose of increasing his energy level. That, in turn, enables him even more to follow the direction that the spirit has pointed out to him, even if, sometimes, those steps take him in a direction contrary to what common sense dictates.”

“Sometimes the signs are so outlandish that only with difficultly can one take them seriously. However, whether one pays attention to them or not, one way or another, they ultimately cause their inevitable effect. If you ignore the signs, you generally end up getting into situations that you’re sorry for; but on the other hand, if you’re attentive to the signs of the spirit, regardless of how absurd they may seem, in the end, everything fits in its place in a very harmonious way.”

“Once you make a decision, the spirit itself will sustain it, and what in the beginning seemed unreasonable becomes very comprehensible and orderly. Having the strength to pay attention to those signs, and also accepting being guided by them is decisive for the warrior because for lack of reasons showing him how to proceed, he doesn’t have any option other than learning how to trust in the spirit.”

“An impeccable warrior is in harmony with his environment. He always stays attentive to the signs because he knows that these signs don’t come from any social or religious code, but directly from the spirit.”


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