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71: The Four Moods

Ruthlessness, Cunning, Patience, And Sweetness.

Ruthlessness should not be harshness

Cunning should not be cruelty

Patience should not be negligence

Sweetness should not be foolishness.

A mood of abandon but not recklessness; a mood of caring but not indulgence.

Be ruthless but charming

Be cunning but nice

Be patient but active

Be sweet but lethal

Ruthless without being self-important

Ruthlessness, the opposite of self-pity

Ruthlessness is a total lack of pity

The place of no pity is the site of ruthlessness. Ruthlessness, being a specific position of the assemblage point, is shown in the eyes of sorcerers. It’s like a shimmering film over the eyes. The eyes of sorcerers are brilliant. The greater the shine, the more ruthless the sorcerer is.

Ruthlessness is not cruelty. Ruthlessness is the opposite of self-pity or self-importance. Ruthlessness is sobriety.


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