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Ontario, CA – August, 1998

These can be performed using either the teflon balls or the thumb, index and middle fingers.

  1. Apply gentle pressure with either the balls or both sets of fingers on the chin under the lips. Massage slowly in small circles outward along the line of the jaw, until you reach the muscles which work the jawbone. The mouth can be opened slightly or closed, as feels most effective.
  2. Place the thumb or ball under the left cheekbone, and the index and middle fingers on the outside of the temples. Bend at the knees and stoop to place the left elbow on the thigh just above the knee, and let the weight of the body rest there. Hold, and release the hand before straightening. Mirror.
  3. This is a modified “Two Prongs on the Face”–place either the balls or thumbs under the jawbones, and the index and middle fingers beside the eyesockets. Bend to rest both elbows on the knees, letting the weight of the body rest there. Hold, then release the hands before straightening.
  4. The hands are crossed at the wrists. The thumb knuckles exert GENTLE pressure on the inner edge of the eyesockets by the nose, with the thumbnails resting on the irises of the closed eyes. Hold, then release.
  5. These are the temple, brow, and crown of the head passes shown and discussed in “Magical Passes”.
  6. Rub the hands vigorously to generate heat, and place the palms flat on the face, fingers pointing up. Smooth to the sides as if removing a mask; release and shake the hands to discard the “mask”.

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