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Opening a Crack in the Energy Lines of the World

(The Sorcerers’ Crossing by Taisha Abelar)

Opening a Crack in the Energy Lines of the World

“For the next sorcery pass,” Clara said, “stand with your feet together and look straight ahead as if you were facing a door that you are going to open.”

Clara told me to raise my hands to eye level and to curl my fingers as if I were placing them inside the recessed handles of sliding doors that open in the middle.

“What you are going to open is a crack in the energy lines of the world,” she explained.

“Imagine those lines as rigid vertical cords that make a screen in front of you.”

“Now grab a bunch of the fibers and pull them apart with all your might.”

“Pull them apart until the opening is big enough for you to step through.”

She told me that once I had made that hole, I should step forward with my left leg and then quickly, using my left foot as a pivot, rotate one hundred and eighty degrees counter-clockwise to face the direction from which I had come.

By my turning in this manner, the energy lines I had pushed apart would wrap around me.

To return, she said, I had to open the lines again by pulling them apart the same way I had done before, then step out with the right foot and quickly turn one hundred and eighty degrees clockwise as soon as I had taken the step. In this fashion, I would have unwrapped myself and would again be facing the direction in which I had begun the sorcery pass.

“This is one of the most powerful and mysterious of all the sorcery passes,” Clara cautioned. “With it we can open doors to different worlds, provided of course that we have stored a surplus of internal energy and are able to realize the intent of the pass.”

Her serious tone and expression made me ill at ease.

I didn’t know what to expect if I succeeded in opening that invisible door.

In a brusque tone, she then gave me some final instructions.

“When you step in,” she said, “your body has to feel rooted, heavy, full of tension.”

“But once you are inside and have turned around, you should feel light and airy, as if you were floating upward.”

“Exhale sharply as you first lunge forward through the opening, then inhale slowly and deeply, filling your lungs completely with the energy from behind that screen.”

I practiced the pass several times as Clara looked on, but it was as if I were only going through the outward motions.

I couldn’t feel the energy fibers forming the screen that Clara was talking about.

“You’re not pulling the door open hard enough,” Clara corrected me. “Use your internal energy, not just your arm muscles. Expel the stale air and pull in your stomach as you lunge forward. Once inside, breathe as many times as you can, but be on the alert. Don’t stay longer than you need to.”

I mustered up all my strength and grabbed the air. Clara stood behind me, held my forearms and gave them a tremendous pull sideways.

Instantly I felt as if some sliding doors had opened.

Exhaling sharply, I lunged through it, or rather Clara had given me a shove from behind, pushing me forward.

I remembered to turn around and breathe deeply, but for a moment I worried that I wouldn’t know when to come out. Clara sensed this and told me when to stop breathing and when to step out.

“As you practice this sorcery pass by yourself,” Clara said, “you’ll learn to do it perfectly, but be careful.”

“All sorts of things can happen once you go through that opening.”

“Remember, you have to be cautious and at the same time bold.”


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