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27: The Energy Body

(Magical Passes by Carlos Castaneda)

The recapitulation affects something that don Juan called the energy body. He formally explained the energy body as a conglomerate of energy fields that are the mirror image of the energy fields that make up the human body when it is seen directly as energy. He said that in the case of sorcerers, the physical body and the energy body are one single unit. The magical passes for the recapitulation bring the energy body to the physical body, which are essential for navigating into the unknown.


(Body Mind Spirit May, 1995)

These movements , which they called “magical passes,” are part of their heritage as sorcerers. These movements are energetic maneuvers designed to isolate and enhance what sorcerers call the “energy body,” or the conglomerate of energy fields that they consider to be the counterpart of the physical body.


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