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154: How To Bring Back Events Lived In Dreams: By Systematically Tapping Every Inch Of Your Body

(Being-in-Dreaming by Florinda Donner)

“But the nagual himself told you all that a while ago. Don’t you remember?”

Florinda interceded as my body contorted in an effort to remember. “Events we live in everyday life are easy to recall. We have plenty of practice in doing that.”

“But events lived in dreams are another story. We have to struggle very hard to bring them back, simply because the body stores them in different places.”

“With women who don’t have your somnambulist brain,” she pointed out, “dreaming instructions begin by making them draw a map of their bodies- a painstaking job that reveals where the visions of dreams are stored in their bodies.”

“How do you draw this map, Florinda?” I asked, genuinely intrigued.

“By systematically tapping every inch of your body,” she said:

“But I can’t tell you more. I’m your mother, not your dreaming teacher. Now, she recommends a small wooden mallet for the actual tapping. And she also recommends to tap only the legs and hips. Very rarely, the body stores those memories in the chest or belly. What’s stored in the chest, back, and belly are the memories of everyday life. But that’s another matter.”

“All that concerns you now is that remembering dreams has to do with physical pressure on the specific spot where that vision is stored.”


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