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167: The Healers’ Path Must Be Pure From The Beginning. It Tolerates No Hidden Agenda And No Diversion; The Healers’ Empathy With The Suffering Of Others; Charity Is Something You Either Have Or You Don’t

(The Secret of the Plumed Serpent by Armando Torres)

The first expectation prospective healers must fulfil is that their intention be sincere.

Some call it charity or love for one’s neighbour. Although incorrect, those terms do describe the healers’ empathy with the suffering of others. There are many whose motivation is twisted; such people can never become healers.

Charity is something you either have or you don’t. One can, of course, pretend to be charitable, but it is not the same thing, since what counts here is a hard-to-explain feeling which serves to connect one with the spirit. However, in the final analysis, selfishness can be successfully used when applying healing techniques on oneself, with excellent results.

The next item in the healers’ code one needs consider is one’s predisposition; that is to say, one’s desire, dedication, and the commitment of one’s time to the path. Those who embark on the path by their own decision face the great challenge of keeping the flame of their awareness lit. The challenge is the same for the chosen ones, but the work it requires is much easier in their case.

Practice is the third requirement of learning how to heal. Clearly, it implies study and training with the help of a master healer who is not an ordinary teacher keeping a student seated before him while he rabbits on for hours, but rather a living example for one to follow, teaching through practice as he works.

Being an assistant, which is the healers’ term for an apprentice, is an honour for me and one of the greatest gifts of fortune I’ve had in my life. The practice of healing opened for me a world of possibilities I had not even imagined existed.

Healers very often quote the biblical proverb that says: “Many are called but few are chosen”. They say that because they are always open and willing to attend to the needs of anyone crossing their path, as a gesture to the spirit. They know that every being is a reflection of the creative force; helping another thus represents the minimum amount of impeccability for them.”

Deciding on who stays as an assistant and who must leave, however, lies outside the healers’ remit. That outcome is always decided by the power.

Doña Silvia told me that there were some lineages of sorcerers that eschewed engagement, and would do nothing even if someone appeared to be dying. For healers, however, life is precious and must be preserved.

Taking the healers’ vows is in its essence similar to the vows of poverty taken by some religious orders, but not quite the same, as rich people can be healers if they wish, though it is very difficult for a rich person to set own ambition aside and help others.

That doesn’t mean that healers are beggars with shaved heads. On the contrary, they are engaged in various professions in the everyday world. When they undertake to cure someone, they treat the patient with enthusiasm, goodwill and without expectation of reward.

One doesn’t charge a tired and thirsty traveller who knocks on the door asking for a glass of water. To do that would be unworthy of the human spirit. The same is the case with the power of healing one receives as a gift that should not be exploited for one’s personal gain. It is thus the fourth requirement of the healers’ code that one does not charge for consultation. The healer who charges is cursed and is a step away from becoming a black magician.

Those who turn their charity into a business need to repent, because healing the sick, just like illumination coming from the spirit, must never serve commercial purposes. Healers who do so are cursed forever and will eventually lose the gifts they received, with nothing left them but their trickery.

Many are those who have succumbed to the pressure of fame and fortune. It is easy for sorcerers to perform miracles and acquire devoted followers seeking their presence and their words, but one should know that those who combine their personal interests with matters of the spirit will be punished with terrible curses. To sum up, I warn as I myself was once warned: “If you feel that your ambition is greater than your love for others, you’d best abandon the sorcerer-healer’s path, since any deviation from its purpose could bring about your own destruction.”

The healers’ path must be pure from the beginning. It tolerates no hidden agenda and no diversion, because greed is like cancer that starts very small, but grows and grows, polluting the entire body.

There are stories of people who requested to be trained in healing techniques; while externally displaying the best of attitudes, within they were putrid with lust and desire for recognition. One such story I heard tells of a certain Galindo Ornela, who for years faithfully followed the steps mandatory for becoming a healer. When he felt he had acquired enough knowledge, he became a peddler of healing and even opened a clinic in his home town. He received money and favours from the residents until one day he was brought down by a mysterious illness. The healer could not heal himself.

One may be punished by many calamities, bad luck, illness and even death for breaking the sacred vows of the healers. But none of that is really bad compared to what is yet to come, as the ancients say: when the moment to disincarnate comes, the corrupt healer enters a vortex from which there is no escape. That is his punishment – his sentence – for trying to use the higher powers for personal gain.

Each prospective apprentice is therefore repeatedly warned of the dangers they expose themselves to when they take the healer’s oath. If, on hearing those words, one still decides to proceed, one would better be sure one’s purpose is genuine, because if it is not, one would be better off leaving well alone.


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