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180: The Formal Structure of Shamanism

(Workshop Notes)

The formal structure of shamanism as it was taught by don Juan Matus, had two pragmatic points as its main support: one was the capacity that sorcerers believed every human being possesses of perceiving energy directly as it flows in the universe; he called it seeing. An enormous effort was put forth by shamans to guide their disciples to cancel out their natural system of transforming the direct flow of energy into sensory data that could be immediately interpreted into the world we know.

The second column of the formal structure of shamanism was something shamans or sorcerers called inner silence. In order to bring forth inner silence in their disciples, shamans employed a series of postures and movements.

Shamans claim that inner silence can be accrued bit by bit until one reaches a critical length of time in silence. This critical length varies from individual to individual. Sorcerers claim that it is any time between ten minutes and an hour. When one reaches that critical length of time, which is like a threshold, inner silence sets in man, taken as an organism, and stays for good.

The sorcerers of ancient Mexico used their magical passes as the technique to attain inner silence.


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