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151: Omens; To Follow The Signs Of The Spirit; The Means That The Spirit Uses To Send Us Its Messages

(The Universal Spiderweb by Armando Torres)

Sorcerers treat the topic of omens and premonitions with great seriousness. Because of that, for an outside observer, their behavior is often seen as strange or eccentric. But from the sorcerer’s perspective, allowing themselves to be guided by signs is their way of being impeccable, of staying connected with the spirit.

On the one hand, among them, this is a practice shrouded in mystery. For me, the difficulty was that the information I received was always brief, broken into fragments, and, invariably, in the heat of the moment. I lacked the knowledge of the healers of an orderly structure of teaching, according to the precept that “it’s the spirit that decides what is to be taught and when.”

Because of that, I started a systematic investigation of my own. I had never imagined the depth of the topic, nor the immense implications that it would have in my life.

Following the techniques of my academic training, I began questioning each one of my partners; however, it became apparent that nobody was willing to talk about that subject. So, armed with the persistence that’s one of the characteristics of a good journalist, drop by drop, little by little, I was gathering information. Over time, I was able to accumulate a good quantity of loose fragments of conversation snatched from unrelated conversations; but they were relevant, and now I add to this section, in an attempt to organize in a coherent summary the information that I was able to compile. I do this in the hope that it can make some sense for those who receive it.

At least for me, it was not something simple to understand what it means to follow the signs of the spirit; however, as don Melchor predicted, the truth is that I learned more by just directly observing their ways than I did with all the data I was able to put together during my inquiries (which, by the way, were useful); but he was right in saying that I could have reached the same objective without having made such a fuss.

He said, “Sometimes you can know more about a person from their questions than from the answers that they’re looking for.” Once the link with the spirit is established, everything is revealed with clarity, and that’s when one understands the reason for their reticence when avoiding discussing some matter.

In my investigations, it was common to hear sentences such as “Sorcerers call omens and premonitions ‘the manifestations of the spirit’…. The Spirit, the Eagle, Intent, the Spiderweb, or whatever you want to call it, is a cosmic force that intervenes in all that exists, from the macro to the micro…. If we open up to the spirit, even the flight of a fly can tell us something,” or “By connecting with everything in our surroundings, we can perceive that each leaf that falls has something to do with us only because we were a witness to its falling…. The omens are indications of the spirit that guide us in our path.”

Even if at that moment what they said didn’t make much sense to me, over time, I ended up understanding the deep meaning of those words.

“Do ordinary people also receive those signs?”

“Of course they do! Everybody receives them all the time. But the reality is that ordinary people barely pay any attention to them, so they don’t perceive any kind of sign, no matter how obvious. The reason for that is that they’ve disconnected their link with intent.”

“It’s only with specialized training that the warriors receive that they learn how to act before the gestures of the spirit.”

Don Melchor said on one occasion that the omens and premonitions are the means that the spirit uses to send us its messages, and that this is the way it communicates with us. That day, taking advantage of his good mood, I asked him a question to which he answered:

“This is not something easy to explain, since the relationship of the spirit with each individual is unique, but the guide that the sorcerers use is to take as an omen or premonition any unexpected event or unusual detail that attracts our attention. If, for example, this happens as you’re beginning a project or carrying out some task, or when you meet someone for the first time, or perhaps this happens at the precise moment in which you have a certain thought; for them, those signs could very well be the indication of what way they should do things, or of how to proceed in relation to the matter that they’re involved in at that moment.”

“To facilitate the interpretation of the signs, the sorcerers use the rule, which is a set of norms established by the spirit itself, as in the case, for example, of the four directions and their powers. If a bird flies toward the south, it tells you something different than if it flew in some other direction, since each orientation has a different meaning. In the same way, each species of bird will tell you something different, since each type also has its own meaning, because it’s not the same thing when the message is sent to you by a “huitzil” or a “cuauhtli” (a hummingbird or an eagle).

“For the modern man, who lives in artificial environments, who rarely sees the sky and the clouds, the signs surely will be different: an unexpected noise, a song lyric that tells you something, a light bulb that burns out, a door slamming due to the wind, a car breaking down at a critical moment, and so on. There are countless ways in which the spirit can send us its messages; even relationships among individuals are full of signs, and if you pay attention, you may perceive that sometimes a certain behavior is screaming about what is needed, but because of the ego, very few notice it.”

“To read an omen, what counts is a feeling that suddenly presents itself that something unusual is happening. It’s as if an internal system is giving the alarm. It’s a peculiar sensation; physically it could be described as a pressure in the solar plexus, a heat that ascends through the body, maybe similar to when one blushes. People usually interpret it as a feeling of apprehension or anxiety that they normally discard immediately, but if they paid attention to those impressions, it would be possible to get a lot of information. For example, if you see an eagle flying, that’s a sign, but if the feeling is not present and no other extraordinary event happens, then the flight of that eagle won’t have a great meaning for you.”

“One can be predisposed to be attentive to omens, in the same way that men are predisposed to notice beautiful women, or in their case, to shop windows with elegant clothes. It’s a question of interest; therefore, in the same way, one can also be compelled to be attentive to omens.”

“It’s easier to be linked if one acts in a natural way and takes everything as if it was an amusement or a game. It’s useless to walk around asking questions because the words won’t explain anything to you; they only take you from one question to another, as if they were a mirage that, no matter how hard you try, is always beyond reach.”

“This should be carried out with total indifference and without obsessions because it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have to be vigilant twenty-four hours a day.”

“Reading omens is not the same thing as seeing the future. These, rather, are indicative of which course of action we should take; however, the final decision is always subordinated to the will of the person; the spirit places a door in front of us, and the decision of whether or not to cross the threshold depends on each individual.”

“As long as one has chosen with good judgement the path that leads to freedom, one keeps flowing with the spirit. However, if for any reason the person doesn’t pay attention to the signs and chooses the wrong way, then he’ll face the consequences, whatever they may be, because one must know that each decision that is made will inevitably have consequences.”

“The matter of following signs touches on everything in our lives because it locates us in the present and determines our future…. Wrong decisions can lead to one’s end…. When the power of a person decreases, then death can simply touch him on his left shoulder and off they go, together.”

There’s a story I’ve heard that’s relevant to this subject: A young man was walking, not paying much attention to his surroundings, when the thought crossed his mind that it was time to find a wife and start a family. When he looked up, suddenly there in front of him was a beautiful girl. Their eyes met, and both knew at once that they were right for each other, and he knew that she was the one.

“For a sorcerer, bumping into someone or unexpectedly meeting somebody in the street without having an appointment is an indication, and if the sign happens at the precise moment when one has an unusual thought, then the sign becomes an omen, to which he is forced to pay attention.”

“If the sign appears under extreme conditions, such as in a case of life or death or a serious accident, then the omen gains urgency; it becomes a command, as if the spirit has demanded a response from us.”

“To have an open channel, the warrior fights to silence all the other noises of the mind; only in this way can he achieve a clear communication with the spirit…. To achieve that, it means that he has put his life in order; it means that he has dominated his instincts, that he has freed himself of social manipulation, and that he has been able to close all his points of energy drainage.”

“The spirit is there at each bend in the road. Even if one is not aware of the smallest decisions, intent is involved…. Only by being conscious of each instant, each thought, and each act, can we link with the spirit… For this reason, it’s so important to retrace one’s steps because otherwise we would live alienated like ordinary people, who live like zombies, submitting to a routine life and second-hand experiences; they’ve been told what to think and what to feel, just going through the motions automatically, without enjoying or feeling anything.”

“You just pose to the spirit the question whose answer you want to find, and then stay attentive while waiting for the answer, which may surface in the least expected form. In general, the answers of the spirit are in the details, which is to say, the signs are present all the time; it’s only necessary to have the speed to capture them. The sorcerer pays attention to the details since the messages of the spirit are often in the small details that most would be oblivious to.”

“If something that you want to do doesn’t work, or if after several attempts it refuses to work, then you should take a moment to meditate, and perhaps re-examine your priorities and the decisions that have been made. However, the decision of whether to persist or walk away should be free of fear or ambition. In general, people calculate the risks and the benefits and then they decide, whereas sorcerers examine the signs – and then they decide.”

“We’re free to set out on our path as many times and in as many ways as we want; while there is life, there is hope…. What you should do is follow the signs and flow with the spirit. When one learns how to flow, then everything fits into place.”

“The warrior knows that the signs are expressions of the will of the eagle, and what he should do is to follow those indications. In general, omens are fortuitous events that happen unexpectedly and break with what we call normality.”

On one occasion, he said, “Warriors learn how to create ‘artificial omens’ for the purpose of what they call waking up intent.”

“What do you mean, artificial omens?” I asked him.

He answered, “It’s when a warrior is deliberately searching for a sign; to do that, he stands up right in the middle of the road and intentionally makes signals, in hopes of being noticed by power. He can even use various tricks to get the omen to come to him as he waits.”

“When a warrior wants to affect intent, he provides the conditions impeccably so that the omens are given in the way he wants; to do that, he puts himself within reach of power.”

Then I asked, “And how does someone put himself within reach of power?”

“He can do it through acts of impeccability, generosity and abandonment,” he answered in an implicit way, as if he was tired of repeating the same thing over again.

“Once you open a door, intent keeps sending more and more signs to point out the details of the path. Warriors are always alert to the indications of the spirit; what they do is to look for signs. In this way, they become hunters of signs, or trackers of energy.”

“Only the wisest look for signs before making a decision. If one is attentive, he’ll be able to find signs everywhere.”

“At the moment of making their decisions, sorcerers place a lot of importance on sensations. If a fact causes them uncertainty, they retract for a moment in search of signs; they probe the surroundings and they examine their impressions. If a proposed path gives them a good feeling, they accept it; if on the contrary it causes them displeasure, apprehension or loathing, they avoid it…. In cases of doubt, better not.”

“To read a sign, it’s necessary to take into account several aspects; for example, the direction in which it manifests, the direction of the wind, the weather, and the feeling that the event itself produces; but the most important thing is where one’s attention is focused at the moment when the sign appears.”

“When you reach an intersection and don’t know which way to take, you can even ask out loud for a sign; then you should wait patiently for indications that can come in any way and from anywhere. This is the reason for the necessity to always stay alert. There’s no rest!”

“In general, the unrelated secondary events carry a lot of information that lets you know which direction to take.”

“Surely, on one or another occasion everybody has felt the effects of intent on their lives. Sometimes, common people realize that something exceptional is happening because the signs or “coincidences” are too obvious to ignore; however, the pressing affairs of everyday life ordinarily attenuate the initial impression and deviate their attention to other matters. Over time, the person even forgets the event, or he simply classifies it as a strange coincidence. It would be difficult for him to stop and investigate it; however, if he had enough energy, he would see that the spirit had spoken to him, indicating to him the route to follow. Warriors not only pay attention to these signs, but in fact they look for them eagerly; they’re always attentive to the indications of intent.”

“‘Tetzauh’ events, meaning special or singular ones, are events that in general are distinguished from other event. They somehow attract our attention; it’s as if suddenly the spotlights were focused on something or someone in particular. It’s necessary to be quick to capture these signs. Sorcerers call that seizing their cubic centimeter of chance.”

“In general, the signs are indicative of how to proceed or in which direction to go, in such a way that when the warrior puts all his trust in power, this will guide him through unexpected adventures, through which the being becomes a tool of intent. In this way he reaches his maximal potential.”


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