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135: “The Other” Carlos

(The Universal Spiderweb by Armando Torres)

In one of our talks, Carlos told me that he had reached an agreement with the inorganic beings, and that soon he was going to leave. He affirmed that that would be the last time we saw each other, and that in his place, the other Carlos would come, and that he didn’t know what the parameters of his behavior would be.

I felt shocked by his statement although I didn’t understand very well what he was referring to. “But you’ll still be yourself, right? Or will you be different? Or… how will you be?” I asked, disoriented.

He told me that “the other” would take control of his body, and that, while he still looked like him, he would no longer be him at all.

“But will you remember the people and the events of your life?”

He explained that the other would have total access to his memory, so, yes, he would remember everything and everybody. He said that he was just sorry about not having enough time to carry out what he called the “Plan of the Nagual.” It was about something he had told me previously. It was an incredible maneuver that he had planned together with the witches, in which they would open a crack between the worlds.

Sorcerers, as a joke, call that fissure in space-time “the cosmic vagina.” The idea was that all those who were prepared could pass through that opening. On one occasion, he even foresaw a possible scenario in which, after crossing to the other side, there wouldn’t be anybody there to close the opening, which would continue growing and growing like a black hole. First the mail carriers would be swallowed up, then the policemen who would come to investigate, and so on, and so forth.

With a very serious look, he said, “We know that it’s a very risky proposition, but others have already done it in the past, and I believe that we also can do the same thing with the help of our body of practitioners. If it doesn’t work, I could die,” he concluded somberly.

My future encounters with Carlos were no longer the same; on one hand, he was the same man, but in some way, he was no longer the same person. He was involved in scandalous affairs with women and began to give big seminars. He became a manager, he made the magical passes available to the masses, calling them “Tensegrity,” and then, because of his physical deterioration, he left everything in the hands of the women.

Don’t get me wrong, I think they did magnificent work. They brought some of their practices to those who didn’t have anything, and, among the hundreds of movements that they practiced, they were sure to include those that the nagual left engraved with his intent. He told me about that on one occasion when, after demonstrating a movement, he said:

“This pass is a safeguard in case of emergency; it’s imbued with a special intent; it’s like a code that will enable the practitioners, after finishing their time on this earth, to unite with the group of the nagual on the other side.”

With this, Carlos left open a wonderful opportunity to all those who want to take advantage of it. He opens the doors and welcomes those who want to go together into this fantastic adventure placed before them simply by having been born. The plan of the nagual did not become reality as he thought on that occasion, but now, with thousands of practitioners of the movements, a new opportunity has arisen, and crossing over to the nagual is still possible. Carlos already leveled the road, and now it’s open to those who want to traverse it.

So, from this point of view, what practitioners of Tensegrity are doing makes all the sense in the world: they’re getting ready for the encounter with the nagual.

The sorcerers of both lineages speak of the “other side” as a place where activities continue after leaving the physical form, and that there, too, one has to fight for survival, just as they do here. In that way, at least, there are no changes.

The seers see how, when dying in this world, the energy body separates from the physical body with a crack, and, depending on the level of attention, discipline and preparation of the person who undergoes the transition, two things can occur: either he forgets himself almost instantaneously, or he’s able to maintain consciousness, in which case, if he has the capacity to meet with his community, he will surely have greater opportunities to endure.

“Venturing to the other side is no joking matter. Rather, it’s like entering a forest full of ferocious animals. That, in and of itself, is a good reason why someone should know and practice the magical passes.”


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