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6: You Either Make Love With Your Sexual Energy or You Dream With It. There Is No Other Way.

(The Power of Silence)

“The nagual Elias had great respect for sexual energy,” don Juan said. “He believed it has been given to us so we can use it in dreaming. He believed dreaming had fallen into disuse because it can upset the precarious mental balance of susceptible people.”

“I’ve taught you dreaming the same way he taught me,” he continued. “He taught me that while we dream the assemblage point moves very gently and naturally. Mental balance is nothing but the fixing of the assemblage point on one spot we’re accustomed to. If dreams make that point move, and dreaming is used to control that natural movement, and sexual energy is needed for dreaming, the result is sometimes disastrous when sexual energy is dissipated in sex instead of dreaming. Then dreamers move their assemblage point erratically and lose their minds.”

“What are you trying to tell me, don Juan?” I asked because I felt that the subject of dreaming had not been a natural drift in the conversation.

“You are a dreamer” he said. “If you’re not careful with your sexual energy, you might as well get used to the idea of erratic shifts of your assemblage point. A moment ago you were bewildered by your reactions. Well, your assemblage point moves almost erratically, because your sexual energy is not in balance.”

I made a stupid and inappropriate comment about the sex life of adult males.

”Our sexual energy is what governs dreaming,” he explained. “The nagual Elias taught me – and I taught you – that you either make love with your sexual energy or you dream with it. There is no other way. The reason I mention it at all is because you are having great difficulty shifting your assemblage point to grasp our last topic: the abstract.”

“The same thing happened to me,” don Juan went on. “It was only when my sexual energy was freed from the world that everything fit into place. That is the rule for dreamers. Stalkers are the opposite. My benefactor was, you could say, a sexual libertine both as an average man and as a nagual.”


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