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194: The Mystery Of The Universe Is Attention; The Universe Is An Enormous Conscious Being; We’re a ‘Fractalized’ Particle of the Universe

(The Universal Spiderweb by Armando Torres)

On another occasion, I commented to him about the lesson I received from the traveler, who told me that the mystery of the universe is attention. I asked him to talk more on the subject. He invited me to come with him to the kitchen; he put a teapot with aromatic herbs on to boil before answering my questions.

“In the beginning,” he said, “after seeing light for the first time, the perception of the newborn is chaotic. A great effort of attention is required on its part to make some sense out of what it perceives. The basic training to deal with the world only takes a few years; however, the learning of where to focus the attention lasts a lifetime. The attention is what gives order to the chaos.”

While we drank a cup of tea made of herbs that smelled like wildflowers, he continued explaining: “The world exists just as we perceive it only because we’ve learned how to fix our attention on the same description. It is through that description and the agreement that we all sign a pact about what to perceive.”

“That’s the reason why isolated societies have a different way of perceiving things. As for the act of indoctrinating them in what they should perceive and what they should ignore, we call that education. The biggest achievement in the human race as a species is to make our attention homogeneous.”

“This is how we succeed in agreeing about what we perceive. However, what in the beginning was an instrument for the survival of the species has now become a monster that’s about to devour us. The obsessive application of the agreement generates a great pressure on the ego, making people become reciprocal tyrants. The exorbitant focus on the ego is what makes people becomes petty tyrants.”

“The best way to combat the fixing of the assemblage point is not to take oneself too seriously. This is the basis of the warrior’s determination to loosen up the assemblage point. That’s what you’re doing with all those exercises that you’ve been practicing: loosening the ties that bind you.”


“In the same way that happens with the power of creating life, we all bring the power of the cosmos as a sleeping seed inside us. In fact, we’re a ‘fractalized’ particle of the universe, so, even though our perception is limited by the ego, we reflect the cosmos in its totality.”

“Therefore, it’s no coincidence that everything is intertwined by those same infinite energy lines, from the micro to the macro. This is how everything is connected, in such a way that it’s totally possible for a sorcerer to ‘mount’ one of those lines, and flow with it, maybe all the way to the very center of one’s consciousness. Sorcerers use this knowledge to navigate the ‘dark sea of awareness’; one line leads to another, and so forth, in a journey without end.”

“Don Berna, what do you think about the theory of the big bang?”

After the usual jokes, he said, “It’s comical to see how they’re searching for life in space when it’s everywhere. Life is inherent to the cosmos. The unknown is right here, even inside us. The source of the mistake is that the scientists cling to a definition of ‘life’ as something exclusive of the organic kingdom, when the whole universe is life itself.”

“It’s not possible to understand fully what is out there; however, our nature is such that it forces us to interpret. The universe properly should be called the duo-verse, since it’s composed of two eternal forces, a luminous one and a dark one, which, combined, form everything that exists.”

“We see evidence of it every day in the differences that exist between the masculine and feminine. I know very well that this doesn’t explain it, but our tradition says that, in the beginning, those two eternal forces floated in the nothingness, existing without time or dimension. When they collided, those forces became only one; then it expanded exponentially, in the same way that a fertilized egg grows and evolves. From that duality originated the rule of the nagual and all the other laws.”

“The universe is an enormous conscious being that perceives everything at the same time, but in a fragmented way. Each living being is a window of perception; we the conscious beings are those windows.”

“It’s interesting to notice that, wherever there is awareness, the tendency is for one to assimilate to the other. This doesn’t just happen on the physical plane, where the strongest devour the weakest, but the battle extends to all levels; it seems that the final goal is the reunification of awareness.”

“It’s not so easy for the linear mind to understand the destiny of Shaak’Atl. The image that comes to mind is one of a spider suspended in its threads; from there, it has total control of everything that happens in its web. In the same way, by means of those energy lines, the traveler can perceive everything that happens, in all the directions, all the way to the infinite, at the same time.

His great achievement was to consciously unite with the emanations of the universe; this is how he became everything and nothing at the same time. Some call that feat the third point or the third attention, where the individual awareness reaches its maximum by becoming consciously unified with everything. From what we know, very few have returned from that state; Shaak is one of the few. The seers agree that those who have reached that goal are the true rulers of the universe.”


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