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128: We Have Received Life As A Cosmic Gift; The New Seers Opt For A Position Of Celibacy And Self-Sufficiency, Because They Are Very Greedy With Their Energy And They Prefer To Dedicate It To The Expansion Of Their Awareness

(Encounters With The Nagual by Armando Torres)

One of the present interrogated him regarding celibacy; whether it was indispensable or not for sorcerers, and what the advantages were.

He answered:

“A priori, sorcerers are neither for nor against anything. They see that everything depends on the congenital disposition of energy. There are some who are born with the necessary passion to make love every day, while others don’t even have enough for a masturbation. Some recover their luminous totality by means of discipline, others have the appearance of strainers and will die incomplete. All these factors modify and determine the behavior of sorcerers regarding sex.”

“What characterizes sorcerers is their refusal to be victims of the collective reproductive command, and their ability to choose a responsible use for their energy. Also, none of them can be trapped in any sexual category. They are free, they proceed every moment according to what power indicates to them. To have that vision, they cultivate a sobriety that the ordinary person doesn’t know.”

He explained that, in general, the new seers opt for a position of celibacy and self-sufficiency, because they are very greedy with their energy and they prefer to dedicate it to the expansion of their awareness. They have witnessed worlds on their journeys into infinity that make all other things seem pale and without attraction, even the sexual act.

“Don Juan said that making love is for those who don’t have attachments.”

Responding to another question, he said that there is no such thing as ‘a sexual problem’, only individuals with their own and very particular dilemmas to solve.

“To see it in a generic form is a trap, because it makes us dilute our responsibility and excuse ourselves with the notion that everybody else is the same as we are. Like birth and death, to procreate is an individual act, a gift which the Eagle has granted us. What sorcerers demand is something very simple: Responsibility.”

“The society in which we live is a school where they force us to comply with astonishingly cruel orders. We become old, and making love turns into a grotesque parody. Society imposes a drainage on us, a pre-set behavior that doesn’t stop until there is not a single blink of light left in us.”

“I had an example of this in my grandfather. The old man used to say: ‘You cannot fuck them all, but you have to try!’ He already had one foot in the grave, and still kept reacting the way they had taught him. He spent half his time getting a woman and the other half working to maintain her.”

“Finally, on his deathbed, the old man became bitter with the idea that his lovers didn’t want him for his manliness anymore, but for his money. ‘She doesn’t love me!’ he whimpered, and his grandsons assured him: ‘She does love you, grandpa!’ The stupid man died this way, screaming: ‘Here I come, mommy!’”

“Is it necessary to be a sorcerer to grasp that this is not all we can have as human beings?”

He admitted that, before deciding to practice the warrior’s way, he believed he was a seductive man and he behaved as one, driven by the latin male stereotype.

“Once I seduced a girl and brought her to my car. We both got so horny that the windshield got all steamed up with all the kisses and hugs we gave each other. When I was most turned on, I discovered that the supposed girl was a man!”

“Another time I fell sincerely in love with a young girl, but eventually I began to suspect that she cheated on me. I changed my car and stayed watching from the corner of her house. The other one arrived. When I asked her to explain, she told me: ‘With you, it’s love, and with him it’s just sex!’”

“This kind of encounters made me decide to behave with more moderation in my love affairs. But the pressure of my stereotype was too strong. I continued to spend my energy on sex according to the pattern of my race, until don Juan gave me the choice: Either I had to calm down, or abandon the apprenticeship.”

Responding to another question, he maintained that the best way of stopping the energy drainage that takes place through sexuality, is learning how to make magnanimous gestures which counter and loosen the fixation of our attention.

“We have received life as a cosmic gift, and it is our privilege to reflect that gesture with total detachment. Thanks to his indifference, the warrior is in the position of turning his love into a blank check, unconditional, an abstract affection, because it does not start from desire. What a marvelous thing!”

“Contrary to what a man in the street thinks, the nature of sorcerers is telluric, passionate. But the object of their passion is no longer carnal. They have seen the glue that ties all things together, a wave of passion that floods the universe and cannot be stopped, because, should that happen, everything would be reduced to nothing.”

“Through their seeing, they have established their base on the cornerstone of awareness, the most powerful state of individual attention. Their love is an overpowering reality that vibrates in every breath, is expressed in every gesture, and given meaning in every word; it is a force which impels them to explore, to take risks, and to evolve, constantly bringing out the best of themselves.”

“Sorcerers have discovered the most refined form of love, because they love themselves. They know that all we give out is a reflection of what we have inside. They have put the power of passion to the service of being, and it gives them the necessary impulse to undertake the only quest that counts: The quest for oneself.”


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