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161: Healing Energy from the Sun

(The Second Ring of Power by Carlos Castaneda)

“The Nagual said that the best way of getting energy is, of course, to let the sun inside the eyes, especially the left eye.”

I told her that I knew nothing about it, and she described a procedure that don Juan had taught them. As she spoke I remembered that don Juan had also taught the same procedure to me. It consisted in moving my head slowly from side to side as I caught the sunlight with my half- closed left eye. He said that one could not only use the sun but could use any kind of light that could shine on the eyes.


(The Sorcerers’ Crossing by Taisha Abelar)

“The sun bestows its energy on the earth and causes things to grow. If you allow the sun’s light to enter your body, your energy, too, will flourish.”

Clara told me to wash my hands in a bucket of water, and to sit on a log by a clearing outside the fenced garden because she was going to show me how to begin to direct my attention to the sun.

She said that I should always wear a wide-rimmed hat in order to shield my head and face.

She also warned me never to do any of the breathing passes she was about to show me for more than a few minutes at a time.

“Why are they called breathing passes?” I asked.

“Because the pre-set intent of these passes is to pass energy from the breath to the area where we place our attention. It could be an organ in our body or an energy channel; or even a thought, or a memory as in the case of the recapitulation.”

“What is important is that energy is transmitted, thus fulfilling the intent established beforehand. “The result is sheer magic because it appears as if it had sprung out of nowhere.”

“That’s why we call these movements and breaths sorcery passes.”

Clara instructed me to face the sun with my eyes closed, and then take a deep breath through my mouth, and pull the sun’s warmth and light into my stomach.

I was to hold it there for as long as I could, then swallow, and finally, exhale any air that was left.

“Pretend you’re a sunflower,” she teased. “Always keep your face toward the sun when you breathe.”

“The light of the sun charges the breath with power, so be sure to take big gulps of air, and completely fill your lungs. Do this three times.”

She explained that in this exercise, the energy of the sun automatically spreads throughout the entire body.

Yet, we could deliberately send the sun’s healing rays to any area by touching the spot where we want the energy to go; or by simply using the mind to direct energy to it.

“Actually, when you have practiced this breath long enough, you don’t need to use your hands anymore,” she went on. “You can just visualize the sun’s rays oozing directly into a specific part of your body.”

She suggested that I do the same three breaths, but this time breathing through my nose and visualizing the light flowing down into my back; thus energizing the channels along my spine.

That way, the sun’s rays would flood my entire body.

“If you want to bypass breathing through the nose or mouth altogether,” Clara said, “you can breathe directly with your stomach or your chest or your back.”

“You can even bring the energy up the body through the soles of your feet.”

She told me to concentrate on my lower abdomen on the spot just below my navel, and breathe in a relaxed fashion until I could feel a bond forming between my body and the sun.

As I inhaled under her guidance, I could feel the inside of my stomach becoming warmer and filled with light.

After a while, Clara told me to practice breathing with other areas.

She touched the spot on my forehead between my eyes. When I concentrated my attention there, my head became flushed with a yellow glow.

Clara recommended that I absorb as much of the sun’s vitality as I could by holding my breath; then rolling my eyes in a clockwise direction before exhaling.

I did as she instructed and the yellow glow intensified.

“Now stand up and try breathing with your back,” she said, and helped me to take off my jacket.

I turned my back to the sun and tried to place my attention on the various centers she pointed out with a touch.

One was between my shoulder blades; another was at the nape of my neck.

As I breathed, visualizing the sun on my back, I felt a warmth move up and down my spine, then rush to my head.

I became so dizzy that I nearly lost my balance.

“That’s enough for today,” Clara said, handing me my jacket. I sat down feeling giddy, as if I were happily drunk.

Clara said, “The light of the sun is pure power. After all, it’s the most intensely gathered energy there is.”

She said that an invisible line of energy flows out directly from the top of the head, upward to the realm of not-being; or it can flow from the realm of not-being down into us via an opening at the very center of the top of the head.

“If you like, you can call it the life line that links us to a greater awareness,” she said. “The sun, if used properly, charges this line and causes it to spring into action.”

“That’s why the crown of the head must always be protected.”


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