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23: The Double Is The Culmination Of The Art Of Stalking And Dreaming Because It’s When Both Arts Coincide In One Result. Stalking Is The Art Of Being Aware Of Oneself When You’re Awake, While Dreaming Is The Art Of Maintaining Awareness When You’re Asleep; Our Orders, If They’re Constantly Repeated, Become The Will Of The Eagle

(The Universal Spiderweb by Armando Torres)

“Unusual concepts such as these that we learn in sorcery must be repeated again and again until reaching a saturation point, at which they pass through to become part of our everyday skill set.”

“As in the case of dreaming, many people claim that they don’t dream at night, but yes they do. The reason why they think they don’t is mostly due to lack of energy; that, and a lack of interest, is what doesn’t allow them to fix their attention, and so they can’t even remember what they dreamed. For that reason, it’s so important to constantly reaffirm to yourself that, yes! you do dream, and that you’re a dreamer; that’s the first step for that to become a reality.”

“In the beginning, attempts to reach dreaming should be made from a seated or reclining position, never lying down in bed. Only after achieving the control of the dream body can one enter dreaming from any position. An experienced sorcerer knows the intent of entering the dreaming body even from an ‘awake position’; this is how the double is created.”

“One can say that the double is the culmination of the art of stalking and dreaming because it’s when both arts coincide in one result. Stalking is the art of being aware of oneself when you’re awake, while dreaming is the art of maintaining awareness when you’re asleep.”

“The saturation process has the gift of transforming ordinary orders into powerful commands. It has the capacity to pull one out of the everyday world and launch one into a world of marvels.”

“Our orders, if they’re constantly repeated, become the will of the Eagle.”


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