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7: The Double: The Ethereal Body: The Counterpart Of The Physical Body; Since The Body And The Double Are Like Two Ends Of A Rainbow, We Can Intend Them To Join

(The Sorcerers’ Crossing by Taisha Abelar)

Clara said that before we returned to the house, she was going to show me another powerful sorcery pass; one involving a series of body movements.

She said that it had to be executed in one single motion, with strength, precision and grace; but without straining.

“I can’t urge you enough to practice all the passes I’ve shown you,” she said. “They are the indispensable companions of the recapitulation.

“This one did wonders for me. Watch me closely. See if you can see my double.”

“Your what?” I said, panicking.

I was afraid I would miss something crucial, or not know what to make of it even if I saw it. “Watch my double,” she repeated, enunciating the words carefully. “It’s like a double exposure. “You have enough energy to intend with me the result of this sorcery pass.”

“But tell me again, Clara, what is the result?”

The double: The ethereal body: The counterpart of the physical body, which by now you must know, or at least suspect, is not merely a projection of the mind.”

She moved to an area of level ground, and stood with her feet together and her arms at her sides.

“Clara, wait. I’m sure I don’t have enough energy to see what you’re referring to, because I can’t even understand it conceptually.”

“It doesn’t matter if you understand it conceptually.

“Just watch closely. Maybe I have enough power for both of us to intend my double.”

In the most agile movement I had yet seen her perform, she brought her arms over her head, with her palms touching in a gesture of prayer.

Then she arched backward, forming an elegant bow with her arms stretched out behind her, almost to the ground.

She flipped her body laterally to the left so that instantly she ended up bending forward almost touching the ground; and before I could even open my mouth in surprise, she had flipped back and

her body was gracefully arched backward.

She flipped back and forth two more times, as if to give me a chance to see her inconceivably fast and graceful movements; or perhaps a chance to see her double.

At one point in her movement, I saw her as a hazy shape, just as if she were a life-size photograph that had been double exposed.

For a fraction of an instant, there were two Claras moving, one a millisecond behind the other.

I was completely perplexed by what I saw, which when I thought about it, I could explain as being an optical illusion created by her speed.

But at a bodily level, I knew that my eyes had seen something inconceivable.

I had had enough energy to suspend my common sense expectations, and allow another possibility to enter in. Clara stopped her exquisite acrobatics and came and stood beside me, not even out of breath.

She explained that this sorcery pass enables the body to unite with its double in the realm of not- being; a realm whose entrance hovers above the head and slightly behind it.

“By bending backward with the arms outstretched, we create a bridge,” Clara said. “And since the body and the double are like two ends of a rainbow, we can intend them to join.”

“Is there any specific time when I should practice this pass?” I asked.

“This is a sorcery pass of the twilight,” she said. “But you have to have lots of energy, and be extremely calm in order to do it.”

“The twilight helps you to become calm and gives you an added boost of energy. That’s why the end of the day is the best time to practice it.”


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