The Twelve Mysterious Passes of Silvio Manuel & Juan Tuma

The Twelve Mysterious Passes of Silvio Manuel and Juan Tuma

Silvio Manuel and Juan Tuma were two sorcerer shamans of the generation that preceded the one of Carlos Castaneda, Carol Tiggs, Florinda Donner-Grau and Taisha Abelar. Silvio Manuel was a dancer and an acrobat. Together with Juan Tuma, also a shaman, they had a set of twelve magical passes which they danced. To them, each and every pass was a gateway to exquisite states of being.

1. Grisly Bear Run

Bend over at the waist, keeping the stomach muscles tight to relieve stress on the lower back. The hands dangle straight down from the shoulders. Jog in place, only lifting the feet 6 inches or so.

2. Kicking sideways with the knee and heel

Lift the left knee as high as you can and bring the knee forcefully to the right, pivoting on the planted right foot. Alternate with the right knee.

3. Kicking the buttocks

This one resembles the old dance step — the body leans forward as if running very fast, but stay in place as the legs kick backwards. The arms swing naturally as if running.

4. Assessing the situation

Begin with the left foot, side-step left, right steps behind left, the left foot lifts off the floor but before it steps reverse momentum and step into same spot it lifted from, and right foot side-step right, left steps behind, right foot lifts but before it steps reverse momentum and step into same spot it lifted from, and side-step…etc. Use the arms to keep a graceful, natural rhythm.

5. Sundial slide

Think of standing on a sundial facing 12. The feet start together naturally, right crosses over left and steps toward 10:30 but the body stays parallel to the original line, the left steps towards 10:30, right steps towards 10:30; feet pivot as body and toes face 10:30. Feet slide right-left-right to the original starting point. Mirror starting with left foot.

6. Scoop step

The feet start together naturally. The left instep rubs up the inside of the right calf as the left foot side-steps left; the right foot slides over into original distance from left. Take as many steps as you like in this direction, then mirror.

7. Scoop & Spread

The same footwork as 6., but this time the arms do the same motion as “Spreading the Energy Body Laterally.” When moving left, the left hand is on top, and vice versa.

8. Juan Tuma’s Twist

The feet start about six inches apart and perfectly parallel. Pivot right on the balls of the feet so that the heels point right. Pivot left-right-left, and lift the left heel off of the floor. Mirror.

9. Heel dance

Bend at the waist, keeping the stomach muscles tight to relieve stress on the lower back. The palms are flat but not overly tight as the fingers point at the floor. Stand on the heels of your feet and walk in place.

10. Run in place, lift knee

Stand naturally. Beginning with the left foot, run in place three steps, lift the knee as high as you can on the third step, pausing with the knee in the air. Do this again starting with the other foot, etc., alternating.

11. The Shaman’s Dance with Death

Stand naturally. The left foot sidesteps left, the right foot steps behind the left, the left foot steps behind the right, the right foot lifts but the momentum changes direction and the right foot steps back into its previous spot. The left foot takes an outward swinging step, so that the whole body pivots to the right.

Restart: Right step back, left step back, right foot lifts, and falls back, left foot outward swing.


12. Rain Dance

This is the classic elementary school Injun dance step. The feet make sliding, shuffling steps of about 4-6 inches, never really leaving the floor.


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