1995 Omega Institute

The Step Of Power

Minor. With all the weight on the left leg, pull the right up and place it forward. Fully extend the right leg with toe up and heel down, then pull it up again, knees bent, and extend it to the back, with toe down and heel up. Move the leg all the way from the hip. Do this several times and then repeat with the left leg.


Drawing The Width Of The Energy Circle

Minor. With all the weight on one bent leg, extend the other leg facing forward. Then bring the leg to the side (so that it knows this point) and then move the leg all the way back (with left foot aligned with the left shoulder), and continue in the same way, moving forward to back 9 times. The foot should remain flat on the ground (easier on a hard wood floor).

Additional notes: Drawing the width of the energy circle: moving leg remains straight during movement. Moving foot faces forward until it reaches as far as you can get it to the rear of your half circle at which point it faces outward. Think of the leg as extending all the way from the hip, and use the entire leg from the hip downward. Extend your leg as far as possible. You are drawing a line of energy.


Making A Circle Within A Circle

Minor. With the right leg slightly bent, and all the weight on the left, first make inward circles (meaning clockwise with the right foot) 10 times. Then change legs, putting all the weight on the right, and make 10 inward (or counterclockwise) circles with the left foot. Then reverse the feet again and make 10 outward circles with the right foot (outward is counterclockwise with the right foot), and then do 10 outward (or clockwise) circles with the left foot. The sole of the foot should remain on the ground at all times. The circles should all be the same size.

The inward direction is for collecting energy, the outward is for distributing it.



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