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1995 Los Angeles

Silvio Manuel’s Passes

  1. Stand in horse stance. Rapidly flick heels inwards, alternating sides. Use the stomach muscles, and swing shoulders at the same time.
  2. Exaggerated walk forward, swinging feet out to sides, starting with the left foot. as the left foot moves forward, the right arm comes down in front of the body with a jerk, as the palm turns quickly from facing the left side to face the right side, thumb down. The left arm moves with the right leg. To go backwards, do a braid walk, swinging the arms horizontally across the body at chest level, but this time it’s the right arm with the right leg, etc.
  3. Take a step forward with the left leg, then slide the right foot forward slightly; take a step with the right foot, and slide the left forward, etc. To go backwards, take a step backwards with the left foot and slide the right foot, etc. Swing the shoulders.
  4. Horse stance; scrape the inside of the left foot along the ground to the right and lift the foot up about a foot high; repeat with the right foot, etc. Do this rapidly. A variation is to place the feet at about a 45 degree angle and do the scraping and lifting at this angle.
  5. Make pawing motion with the left foot 3 times; then with left foot behind the right, bend left leg, keeping the right leg straight, and the right foot flexed upward. You are supposed to flex the foot so that you feel the pull of the muscles on the front of the shin area (one of the 5 points). Repeat with the right leg. A variation is to do the pawing quickly and pause only slightly with the foot flexed upward.
  6. This is a very exaggerated braid-weave combo step [as in Recalling Dispersed Energy] forward. The backward step is a normal backward braid.
  7. The Paisley Step, because the pattern it forms on the floor looks like a paisley. Start with the weight on the left foot, and bring the right foot up, out to the right and then back along the left foot and then toe down behind and 90 degrees to the left foot. Then bring the right foot up again and along the left foot to the front of the body and out to the right side and back, toes down, to the same position behind the left foot. A variation is to pivot the moving foot at the end of each set so that you are facing 90 degrees from your previous position.
  8. The T-square step. Starting with the feet parallel and pointing forward, step out with the left foot, and then bring the right foot out in front of the left foot, making a “T,” with the right foot pointing toward the right. Then bring the left foot parallel and slightly ahead of the right foot, and continue making 90 degree T’s, until you end up at your starting point. You can add the paisley step to this one as well.


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