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The Saber-Toothed Tiger

  1. Take a normal inhalation as you stand erect, arms at sides, fingers curled slightly in toward the body, palms up. Exhale completely through the middle fingers as the wrists pull back gently so that the fingers point away from the body, palms down.
  2. The hands become claws and gather energy several times inwards at waist level, the body becoming more crouched and ready to pounce with each scoop.
  3. Exhale as the claws push across to the opposite side of the body at shoulder level, R-L-R-L, then inhale as the R crosses over again.
  4. Leading with the left claw and right foot, take 3 steps forward as you claw forward at arm’s length and shoulder level.
  5. Bring up the left foot, and make similar swipes from stance, R-L-R-L.
  6. Pivot on the left foot to face left, while bringing the left claw, palm forward and in front of face, forcefully horizontally across the face and then down to the left hip, making a fierce cat hissing noise.
  7. Pivot again on the left foot to face the original rear as the right claw comes over the shoulder on the inhale, then claws back to the right hip while making the cat noise.
  8. Make two medium speed swipes horizontally across the face, L-R, followed immediately by two sets of faster swipes, making a cat noise for each swipe.
  9. Turn on the body. Pant audibly through the mouth 4 times. With cat noise, claw repeatedly down an imaginary wall in front of the body for a few seconds. Kick-step forward from the right hip, not snapping the knee, while making a short cat noise. Mirror left. Repeat the “wall clawing”, then the steps. Turn on the body.
  10. Hop to face the original direction, landing in a turned on stance with the left foot leading slightly, so that the body is facing a slight angle to the right. Make a quick step with the right foot to the left side in front (the body describes an arc), then back. Curl both claws and the toes of the left foot inward twice as you set to attack- – –
  11. The left foot steps forward, and the right foot comes up behind, like a fencing step. Simultaneously, the right claw, then the left, claw to the front in rapid succession – the number and duration of these clawing movements was left up to individual discretion. Take another step/claw immediately after the first.
  12. With the body still facing at an angle to the right, lean the upper torso to the left (the original forward direction) and reach out with the left claw and snag the prey. Bring the right claw around and snag the prey a few inches above the left. Quickly reverse the angle of the upper torso and arms so that the prey is thrown behind you, claws opening as the prey is released, making a cat noise. Momentarily watch the flight of the prey to infinity.
  13. As the body turns to face the original front, the left hand reforms a claw as it arcs down across the body to a position by the left hip, palm back, upper arm parallel to the floor. The right claw goes to a similar position, but by coming up over the shoulder. This was described as “clearing out the sides”. The body then returns to a turned-on, ready to pounce stance, then- – –
  14. Run forward a few steps and leap up, pausing briefly as you grab the prey, then dragging the prey from in front of and above the head down to the ground with an increasing-intensity cat noise. You should land with the right foot in front, and end up almost kneeling on the left knee.
  15. Stand and pivot to the left on the left foot, as the left claw drags up the side to a sort of “scarecrow with arms down” position, making a cat noise. Pivot to the right on the left foot as the right claw mirrors, to face the original direction, making a cat noise.
  16. Returning to the ready to pounce stance, the claws gather energy in a few small circles in front of the abdomen. Again an imaginary wall in front is clawed, with tapering swipes (from overhead to waist level) and accordingly diminishing cat noise.
  17. Still ready to pounce, step forward with the right foot, open claws pointing forward, then pivot 180 degrees, stand erect, drop the hands and walk away.


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