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The Magical Passes of the Nagual Woman Olinda

Nyei and Reni led the evening session. She said that Olinda was Don Juan’s counterpart. She was and is a being that travels on sound. When you see her from the front she appears as big and solid as a mountain and yet she is as light as the dust on the wings of a moth. When glimpsed in profile she appears as a vertical line of emperor blue light (During the seminar there were reports from practitioners that they had seen the instructors bathed in light. Some said that they were within a violet coat others saw an amber light emanating from their hands). ‘Olinda makes a buzzing sound ‘..zzzzzzzz…..’ and that sound is the herald of a moth like being, the guardian of the second attention. Olinda was sitting on her favourite bench in the plaza of Tula one sunny morning and she started to buzz. Next moment she looked up to the sky and she saw the stars. It was night. Another sunny day while sitting on her bench a young child approached her and asked her whether the stars that we saw at night are still there during the day. To her this was, and is, a haunting question. Because awareness is always present even when we do not pay attention. (Later during a question and answer session Nyei said that awareness is 24 -7-. Being aware 24 hours, 7 days a week).
Do the following passes as a warm-up

Bend forwards from the waist and relax the head, shoulders, arms, lower back.
Bend the knees slightly and place the palms of both hands on the ground in front of you. Breath deeply. (You can also pant fast rhythmically engaging your lower abdomen).
Then the hand rest on the ankles as you continue to breath deeply.
Move the hands up to the knees breathing .
Arms come up to the hips.
Do little hip thrusts backwards and forwards and up to the sides left and right.
Straighten up the body.

Olinda Dreaming passes: Preparing the face and body for dreaming.

All the Olinda passes can be done standing up or sitting down.
a)Rub the hollow of the palms with the thumbs

b)Rub thumbs together then both of them across the eyebrows from top of nose to top of the ears.

c)Rub the palms of the hands together, make heat, and apply it to your face and wipe from the centre outwards. Disperse the excess by flicking your fingers outwards.

d)Rub index fingers together and then slide them from top of the nose down to the cheekbones.

e)Rub the thumb, index and middle finger of each hand together and then pinch eyebrows from the top of the nose outwards.

f)Rub the thumb, index and middle finger of each hand together and rub the cheekbones upwards towards the temples

g)Rub the thumb, index and middle finger of each hand together and then pull on the earlobes downwards and the top of the ears upwards.

h)Again rub the palms of the hands together, make heat, and apply it to your face and crown and wipe from the centre outwards. Disperse the excess by flicking your fingers outwards.

i)Shake each leg in turn getting rid of all tensions.

j)Do No9 ‘Bringing energy to the Vspot from the knees’ -Westwood series- Bring the energy up three times.
Olinda Dreaming passes: Dreaming with sound.

1. ‘Olinda whispers’: zzzzzzzz…Make the sound continuous all the way from below the navel. Hands are placed as in No18 of the second category of devices for inner silence.

2.’And all the moths answer’: zzz…zzzz…zzzz…..Make the medium sound zzzin spurts from the chest. Hands are placed as in No17 of the second category of devices for inner silence.

3.Next hands of both hands are in fists with the middle joint protruding. Place it under the armpits halfway the rincage(where it is sensitive if you press). Make the continuous sound zzzzzzzz but it goes up and down in pitch like a wave; keep the sound going and then suddenly cut it short as the arms shoot out to the sides (as in figure 64 of pass 28 intent series).

4.Stroke the neck muscles,below the ears,(along the jugular vein) up and down while making a zzzzz sound that starts from the groin area and rises up to the crown of the head . The pitch also rises from low to high. Its an intermittent sound.

5. Pressing under the hollow of the ears , top of the jaw-bone make a piercing zzzzzz sound which is continuous .

6.Pressing at the temples, relieving tension from the eyes make a zz–zz–zz–. sound which is short and intermittent as stabbing in various directions. As if stabbing with the eyes all around.

7.Without sound vibrate with the right hand the third eye area; then pressing with the left hand on the same spot make a continuous fairly high ….zzzzzzzz..sound that goes up and down in pitch like a wave.

8.Without sound vibrate with the right hand on the crown of the head; Extend the right hand like a tentacle the wrist is bent, (the thumb, index and middle fingers are together.) Pressing with the left hand on the same spot make the highest….zzzzzzzz..sound possible. Keep buzzing while the left hand also extends like a tentacle in a similar manner to the right hand. Both hands move like antennas up and down while you buzz.

9. In silence vibrate the back of the scull vigorously.Left then right, left, then right again. Place tips of the thumbs under the earlobes and use the palms of the hands to listen. Move the hands slowly up and down (from the ears to around the waist ) whilst listening intently.

10. Do No 43 ‘The T energy of the hands’ While you are rotating the hands slowly and observing them intently make a continuous zzzzz sound.

All these passes were done with a partner. But this is just optional.
At the end of the passes we were given the command to find our hands in our dreams that night and also to continue finding our hands after the workshop was over. When we found them,(or before, to help us find them) we should also make Olinda’s buzzing sound. It was explained that there are hidden caches of dreaming attention at the back of the throat. During a question answer session there were various reports of how people got on with this task. Some reported the next day that they had found their hands in their dreams that night. Others had gone back to their hotel and gone straight into snoring. Others had remained aware of being asleep all through the night. Others had woken up intermittently to do the Olinda passes gone back to sleep to find their hands, woken up after realising they hadn’t found their hands; They did the passes again, then gone back to sleep and so on. The important thing is for each practitioner to do the passes of his own choosing -you sign your own documents-, and to try to find his hands in dreaming and do the buzzing sound. In so doing you are on a dreaming journey.


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