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The Legs Rule Vitality

The Legs Rule Vitality.

(These passes were done before and after recapitulation. Each pass was repeated 10 times)

  1. Starting position. Lying down both hands in fists, back of the knuckles of one hand almost touching the forehead the inside of the fist of the other hand almost touching the navel. Inhale and swap the position of both hands, exhale and swap position of hands once again while doing this use the power of the abdomen to move the arms.

2.Starting with the right leg, keep the whole leg straight and start making small outward spirals which gradually get larger and larger. Then reverse the direction so that the large inward spirals become smaller and smaller until you reach the starting position once again. Repeat with the left leg.

3.Similar to ‘a wheel with the fingers contracted at the middle joints'(MP9-Heat series), but in a lying down position.

  1. This is very similar to the previous pass but this time both hands -the fingers contracted at the middle joints- are very close -Right over Left-(almost touching), they start about the height of the forehead and both together strike down in a circular fashion towards the navel.
  1. Same but place Left hand over the Right.
  1. Right knee comes up to the chest, then it drops to the right almost touching the ground then the leg straightens out,(like a push kick)so that now both legs are at a 45 degree angle and finally the right leg circles inwards until both legs are next to each other in the starting position.

Repeat 10 times on each side.

  1. Left and right short stabbing punches one after the other, at the height of the vital centres.
  1. As above but this time both hands punch together delivering their blows to the vital centres.
  1. Sit up straight and repeat the previous pass.(stay in the sitting up position for the remainder of this series)
  1. Both legs are straight. Then the right leg rises over the left leg, the right knee bends and the right foot plants itself on the ground to the left of the left knee. (x10 and repeat with the other leg)
  1. This time both legs swing together first the left over the right, gathering momentum, until both legs end up tied like ‘a knot’, knees bent as far as possible the right heel almost touching the left hip and the left heel almost touching the right hip! At the end of this pass lower the top knee towards the ground causing the lower part of the spine to move/twist. (This is a great pass for loosening up stiff hips and good for those with lower back problems, but do with care)
  1. Sitting up straight, knees bent and soles of the feet almost touching (this pass can also be done sitting cross legged ), both arms rise up and cross in front of the face (you are looking at your wrists, hands are in fists), then both hands separate with great force so that the fists strike downwards past their respective hip, (this move could also be described as tearing a sheet of cloth in twain ); the second part of this pass is that the fisted hands after having delivered their blow continue to rise in a circle above the head and from there the hands open and both hands strike down simultaneously at an area in front of the navel , with the palms open and facing the ground.


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