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… recapitulate later …

“The actual act of recapitulating is a lifetime endeavor.” The Nagual Carlos.

Well, the lunacy is upon me again, I’m at my keyboard once more to tell of what I see, what it looks like from here. In particular, the second part of the “Westwood Series”, more properly named the Series for the Five Concerns.

These are the five concerns for seers and apprentices alike — the Center for Decisions, Recapitulation, Dreaming, and Inner Silence.

And the fifth concern, the magical passes themselves, which is a whole other story. This story is about the passes for recapitulation.

Curiously, to talk about the passes for recapitulation, I have to take a wide detour. Among other things, I have to discuss the energetic geography again.

Human beings are encapsulated in a “bubble” of energy that seers call the luminous sphere, which is submerged in the boiling chaos of what the seers call the “Dark Sea of Intent” or the “Eagles emanations”. In fact, we are the sphere, and we are the energy (Eagles emanations) enclosed in the sphere, in all of the various manifestations that energy takes within the luminous sphere.

As I mentioned before, within the luminous sphere, among other things, we find the Eagles emanations which comprise:

The inside surface of the luminous sphere

The Assemblage Point

The physical body

The energy body

The “spots of mystery”, major and minor

The “front resonance”


Stuck energy

Free (moving) energy

The Shallow Stream of Awareness

Tendon energy

The “spots of memory”, the places where our memories are stored

Now before discussing the magical passes for recapitulation, I fear I will have to take three digressions to consider the energy body, the front resonance, and the spots of memory. Plus one digression more, splashing in the Shallow Stream of Awareness to understand some of the passes.


The Energy Body

What can I say about the energy body? Well, it is the energetic counterpart of the physical body. It is somewhat larger than the physical body. Normally … ho ho ho … it exists in and through and around the physical body, moving as the physical body moves.

I say ho, ho, ho, because normally in this case means without the interference of the flyer’s mind. One of the side effects of the flyers mind is that we have all taken off our energy bodies and cast them into the outer darkness. Bummer. This is the general condition of humanity (excepting only babies and small children). Took our energy body off like an old pair of overalls and threw it as far as we could.

We have each of us thrown away, discarded, our energy body. Bad mistake. And so, of course, we feel a longing for the energy body. The magical passes for recapitulation are designed to get our energy body back again.

How do they do that? Well, they cozen the energy body out of hiding from where we threw it. (Websters says “cozen: to induce to do something by artful coaxing and wheedling, or shrewd trickery”. A lot of “sorcery” seems to involve cozenage.)

You didn’t really believe that part about throwing the energy body into the outer darkness, did you? Remember that energetically we’re enclosed in an unbreakable (except by death) sphere the size that our fingertips and toes can just reach. As far as we can throw the energy body, in other words, is only as far as we can reach.

So where is the sucker hiding, you ask? Again, I have to go roundabout, by way of the front resonance

The Front Resonance

What I call the “front resonance”, because I can’t think of a better name, is an energetic reflection of the energy centers, or “spots of mystery”, in the human body. This reflection or resonance is a short distance directly in front of our body.

Imagine your twin, same weight same height, standing facing you, inside your luminous sphere (which is only out as far as you can reach, so they’re standing close to you.)

Then notice where your twin’s various energy centers are, the V-spot at the base of the neck, the main energy tanks below the ribs, the center of will, the spots of mystery on the outside of the calves, and at the ankles and elbows, and so on.

It turns out that there is a permanent feature of the inner landscape, which are resonant spots of mystery in front of the body at those exact locations. I call the total aggregate of those spots of mystery and the energy surrounding them the “front resonance”.

These spots are not separate from the spots which they mirror, they are a resonance of that spot. So whatever happens with the actual spot (in your body) is instantly mirrored or resonated at the corresponding spot in the front resonance. And fortunately for us, the reverse is true as well — whatever happens to the spot in the front resonance is instantly mirrored in the corresponding spot in our bodies.

A large number of magical passes exploit this intimate connection between each spot of mystery in the body and the corresponding spot in the front resonance. In these passes we strike, pile energy on, snap, pound, spear, smash, slap, caress, grab, and otherwise activate the particular spot in the front resonance to bring about a desired result (which differs from pass to pass).

However, in the passes for recapitulation … you remember recapitulation, I’m sure, and although we have wandered far afield, we will return there someday … in the passes for recapitulation the cozenage is of a different type. In this series, we use the front resonance as though it were a dressmakers dummy, and upon it we “forge the energy body” as the names of some of the passes suggest.

But there is a complication. The normal state of affairs looks like a stalactite has completely grown over the front resonance, because the whole front part of the luminous sphere, the part where the front resonance is located, is covered with congealed energy. Sludged to the max. Buried.

Naturally there are a variety of magical passes which are designed to stir up and break up and loosen and fluidize and generally redeploy that stuck energy for a variety of purposes.

And the passes for recapitulation do that as well, only they redeploy that stuck energy right there on the spot, using it as the raw material out of which to “forge” the energy body. But the complication I mentioned before is, we don’t have the power, the knowledge, or the ability to forge an energy body, who are we kidding.

Fortunately, energy can’t be created or destroyed. We have not destroyed the energy body, we have only hidden it, thrown it away. And where has it been all this time? We have hidden it out of sight, on the far side of the front resonance, buried under piles of waxy, sludgy, stuck energy. That’s as far away as something can get inside a luminous sphere as big as we can reach.

So we don’t really need to forge the energy body, we need to cozen it back to its proper position. We do this in two steps. In the first passes of the series, we trick it into moving nearer to us, until it is coexisting with the front resonance. We do this by breaking up the energy that is stuck around the front resonance and pounding it into the shape of the energy body. If we do this artfully enough, and we pack and stir the energy until it is bright enough, the energy body will be inexorably drawn to take up residence there where the warmth and light is. This process of brightening and stirring up the glow of the front resonance is what is called “forging the energy body”.

Then we put the energy body back on like a suit of clothes, like the brightest suit of clothes in the world. I can only tell you that to me, the energy body looks like a medieval suit of chain mail would look if the links that constituted the chain mail were made out of glowing golden gossamer light …

Now you may be saying, “What the heck does gossamer gold light have to do with recapitulation anyhow?” Well, this question takes us on the third digression, the first being around the energy body and the second being by way of the front resonance. This one involves the spots of memory.


The Spots Of Memory

What are the spots of memory? It turns out that our memories are stored in our bodies rather than in our brains. What I call “spots of memory” are the physical locations in our bodies where our memories are stored. Many, many of them are in the backs and insides of our thighs, others are in our shoulders, a bunch in our faces, lots of places.

These memories are what weigh down the faces we see around us, that sag our shoulders. These are, in short, all of the places that we need to revisit in our recapitulation.

And what happens to all of these spots of memory, all over our bodies, when we succeed in reuniting with the energy body? They get shaken and stirred, they get energized, they get woken up, they get vibrated, and they come up to the surface of consciousness to be recapitulated.

Neat trick, huh? Clever fellows, those new seers, to figure out how to shake up the memories to get them ready to be recapitulated …

So having taken the long way around, I am finally ready to talk about the passes. For many of them, the purpose is fairly clearly explained by their title.

13.  Forging the trunk of the energy body

This begins the creation of the dressmakers dummy, the front resonance where the energy body will take up temporary residence. We pound the stuck energy in front of us into the form of the torso, shaping the shoulders, chest, and waist.

14.  Slapping the energy body

This pass stirs and brightens the arms, forearms, and hands of the front resonance.

15.  Spreading the energy body laterally

We push energy from the center out to the edges of the front resonance to establish where the sides of it are. It is wider than the physical body.

16.  Establishing the core of the energy body

With a snapping motion of the wrists only, we cut and shape and brighten the central core of the front resonance.

17.  Forging the heels and the calves of the energy body

We kick down along the legs of the front resonance, stirring them up.

18.  Forging the knees of the energy body

We spin the energy around the knees of the front resonance. This is most easily done by mentally fixing the location of the knee you are spinning around, and keeping your eye on that spot which you are spinning around.

19.  Forging the thighs of the energy body.

This may be personal or peculiar to me, but this is the pass where I actually don the energy body. When I bend over to slide my hands down to my knees, my head ends up in the middle of the front resonance. By an act of intention, when I stand up to drag the energy from my knees up by thighs I bring the energy body with me. It is pulled back when I stand up, and my energy body and my physical body become one unit.

The sensation when this occurs is difficult to describe. It has a quality of “at last”, and is characterized by a strong tingling sensation. This tingling is much like the feeling in your hand if you shake it back and forth very quickly for a while, and then stop shaking it. Your hand will tingle in all its parts. The sensation is like that, only is all over the body, and is inside the body as well. There is a quality of bodily self-awareness in it as well, as though every cell of my body were aware of itself and of all the cells around it … like I say, difficult to describe..

20.  Stirring up personal history by making it flexible.

Having donned the energy body, these next passes use it to particularly stir the backs of the thighs. This pass does it by kicking the buttocks with the heel. When the calf and lower leg slap up against the upper leg, the whole of the back of the thigh is stimulated.

21,22.  Stirring up personal history with the heel to the ground

The last and shortest digression. The inside of our luminous spheres used to be filled from top to bottom with the dark sea of awareness. Nowadays, all that we have left of this sea is what the seers call the shallow stream of awareness. This extends from the ground up to our ankle bones.

The energy in this stream has a very different quality than the energy which is stuck or moving elsewhere in the luminous sphere. It has a liquid quality, and it is never stuck or still, ceaselessly flowing from in front of us to behind us. (Since our luminous spheres are sealed to energy, with none coming in and none leaving, this ceaseless flow has to be some kind of recirculating fountain … but I’ll be danged if I can see how the plumbing works …)

This magical pass works, at least in part, because dipping just our heel into the shallow stream of awareness sends a current of energy up the back of our leg, stirring up all of the spots of memory there.

23.  The recapitulation wings

Don’t know much about this pass, except that I like to do it and that it feels like flying. Don’t know what the connection to recapitulation is.

24.  The window of recapitulation

The curious part of this pass to me is that an inhalation (rather than an exhalation) is done as the shape of the window is made with the arms and the bent wrists. This always feels like a gasp of surprise at whatever might be seen through the window of recapitulation.

Amazingly, this window of recapitulation can open on to more than just our own personal memories – it can open on to any scene, anywhere … but that again is another story for another time.

25.  The five deep breaths

A key part of this pass is the tension in the tendons under the legs, which are gripped with the fingers. This tension should be maintained throughout the pass, at no time should that tendon be slack.

The geometry of this pass allows for very deep inhalations. Because the arms are braced on the knees, the shoulders can pull the way up and out, expanding the chest far beyond the normal range. At the same time the diaphragm and stomach can drop way down, expanding the lungs to their maximum.

26.  Drawing energy from the feet

Again, this pass draws energy from the shallow stream of awareness. With the backs of the hands placed on the feet, the energy of the shallow stream of awareness flows up the arms. Because the arms are pressed into the backs of the thighs, this pass once again stirs up the spots of memory in the thighs..


So, that’s it, as roundabout a trip as one could want. Having written all this about the passes for recapitulation, I find that I have not written at all about recapitulation itself, so perhaps I will take that for my topic when the next fit hits me …

All the best to everyone, and thanks to you all and to the spirit.



“And when the fit was on him, he did shake …”   Wm. Shakespeare



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