Westwood Inner Silence

… easier said than done.

Inner Silence, and the Passes for Inner Silence, is my last subject. I am typing this in the silence of my house, because the power has gone out here with the storm, and the rain is beating on my roof.

Inner silence is the key that opens the door. It doesn’t buy you anything, it doesn’t take you anywhere, it just opens the door.

We maintain our assemblage point in its customary place by our unending inner dialogue. When we can finally stop the dialog, we can stop the world. What does it mean to stop the world? It means that with the respite from the internal dialogue due to the inner silence, our assemblage point can move to a new location. This new location lights up new emanations, and we begin to “see”, and our old world comes to a stop.

The best way to stop the inner dialogue, the Nagual Juan Matus said, was to practice the proper way of walking. In addition, the practice of the Passes for Inner Silence can cut our inner dialogue off at the knees. So here they are, with what I know about them.

Pass 36-37 Drawing on the Floor with Each Foot

In these passes, the full concentration should be on the part of the moving foot which is in contact with the floor. These passes stir up the Shallow Stream of Awareness, which is anathema to the inner dialogue.

Pass 38 The Scarecrow in the Wind with the Arms Down

In this and the next pass, the knees are locked. This pass always calls up the Energy Body for me, and the tingling and the feelings in my arms make them twitch and swing as if the wind were blowing over them. In this pass I often get the strange tingling feeling in my scalp which runs down the back of my neck.

Pass 39 The Scarecrow in the Wind with the Arms Up

In this pass, the arms are like windshield wipers that wipe away thoughts. I do the pass with the arms up, and then when the thoughts come, I move my arms down and up, and the thoughts are wiped away.

Pass 40 Pushing Energy Backwards with the Full Arm

This pass is quite disturbing to me, and I don’t know why. All I know is that when I do this pass, it feels like the energy around my body is pushed into some unusual, puzzling configuration. The result is inner silence, but I haven’t a clue why.

Pass 41 Pivoting the Forearm

This is another pass that needs to be calibrated, and which is much more effective when done precisely. Like in Pass 38, I use the rotation of the forearms to wipe away any thoughts which I might have.

Pass 42 Moving Energy in a Ripple

Although the picture shov/s Miles doing this pass by his knee, in the workshops we were shown to do it down by the ankles. Who knows? In any case, when I do it down low, I feel like I am playing at the surface of the Shallow Stream of Awareness, trailing my hand through the Stream. This pass sends a pleasant, thought-numbing kind of energy up through my arms.

Pass 43 The T-Energy of the Hands

My sense is that this pass works the same way that the “right way of walking” works, by flooding our sensory system with so much information that our thoughts have no place to stay.

Pass 44 Pressing Energy with the Thumbs

In this pass, the tension begins in the tip of the thumb, where it is pressed against the first finger. From there, it spreads to the hands, and thence to the forearms, upper arms, shoulders and chest, stomach, thighs, calves, and feet. At the end, the whole body should be in a state of tension, which is held for a moment and then released.

Pass 45, 46, 47 Drawing Circles and Angles with the Arms

These passes also play in the Shallow Stream of Awareness. They splash and agitate and throw the energy of the Shallow Stream against the lower part of the inner surface of the luminous sphere. This has the effect of melting the congealed energy where the Shallow Stream is splashed.

Pass 48, 49 Three Fingers on the Floor, The Knuckles on the Toes

These passes, once again, play in the Shallow Stream. We immerse our hand in the shallow stream, and we inhale. This pulls the energy of the Shallow Stream into our arms. Then we lift our arms above our heads, and let the energy drain down into our bodies. Like all of the passes involving the Shallow Stream, this energy is so unknown in our daily lives that our minds are forced to turn off to consider the novel sensations.

Pass 50 Drawing Energy from the Floor with the Breath

Of course, we are not drawing energy from the floor, the floor has no energy. We are drawing energy from the Shallow Stream of Awareness. When we inhale, we can pull energy into our arms with our breath. Then the arms are lifted over the head, the energy spread down throughout our body, and we repeat the pass on the other side.

So, thank goodness, I believe I have achieved what I set out to do, to write a commentary on the Westwood Series, the Series for the Five Concerns. I sure didn’t think it would take this long, I have new respect for those who write.

Thanks to everyone who has written to me, both on the Tango list and privately, to ask questions. It is through this process of question and investigation and discussion that we will forge Tensegrity for the new millennium. It is a privilege to be embarked on this marvelous adventure with all of you, my good fortune knows no bounds.

When I was a Buddhist, I would invoke the traditional “three refuges”: “I take refuge in the Buddha, I take refuge in the Dharma, I take refuge in the Sangha.”

The Buddha is the possibility of personal enlightenment; the Dharma is the truth about existence; and the Sangha is the community of all Buddhists working toward enlightenment.

And so, while I am no longer a Buddhist, I still take refuge in the Sangha, the outrageous community of eccentrics, lunatics, witches and warriors past and present, our most strange lineage. My profound thanks go out to all of you, and to the Spirit which we all embody.

My lamp just died, my computer batteries are going down. I will send this, and then do some passes in the dark.

Best to everyone,