Westwood Decisions


Name that point

Well, several questions in this forum have prompted me to write about the Westwood Series, also called the Series for the Five Concerns. These are the Five Concerns of seers — the Center for Decisions, Recapitulation, Dreaming, Inner Silence, and the Magical Passes.

This writing will take a while, so I will start with just the passes for the Center for Decisions. The strengthening of this center was identified by the ancient sorcerers as being the most important of all the concerns. This is in part because it affects every one of our actions — anything, in any realm of action, which is done with a clear and forceful decision will be much more effective.

The Center for Decisions is freedom from worry. The Center for Decisions is instantaneous action. The Center for Decisions is wide open breathing. The Center for Decisions is assumption of responsibility. The Center for Decisions is the gateway to intent.

The Center for Decisions is a curious center, in part because it has so many names. It is also called the “Center for Talking”, and the “V”-spot, and the “Second Point”, and “The Point of No Pity”. While it is clear why it would be called the “Center for Talking”, the other names are less obvious.

It is called the “V” spot because of its appearance in seeing. The light from this center comes out in a cone opening upwards and centered on the base of the throat. From any side, it looks like the letter “V”.

It is called the “Second Point” because it is the first step away from the “First Point”, which these days is the point of pure reason.

And it is called the “Point of No Pity” because it is the Center for Decisions. When at the Center for Decisions, it is obvious that our decisions are final, irrevocable, and our own. There is no room for self-pity (the foundation and prototype of pity for others) because we have gotten where we are by our own decisions; and thus there is no room for pity for anyone else either.

The intent of the Series for the Center for Decisions is at least twofold — to strengthen the Center for Decisions, and to enable us to shift our Assemblage Point to the Center for Decisions.

Unlike the other major centers of the body (the energy centers at the front and back under the ribs, the center of will, the centers of seeing and dreaming, etc.), the Center for Decisions is not strengthened by piling energy on it. This is because, unlike the other centers, the Center for Decisions is a filter which gathers the energy it needs by filtering the energy passing through it.

For this reason, it is important to intend that the flow of energy from any of the passes be directed through, rather than just at, the Center for Decisions.


Internal Geography

In order to understand the energetic dynamics of some of the Passes for the Center for Decisions, it is necessary to understand a bit about the energetic geography of the human body and its environs.

Energetically, we are enclosed in bubbles of light, luminous spheres floating in a raging sea of energy that the seers call “Intent”, or the “Eagles Emanations”. We living beings are luminous spheres and the energy within those spheres. These spheres are sealed to energy – we cannot gain or lose energy. What is within the spheres is the same stuff outside the spheres — the Eagles Emanations, or Intent

Within the luminous sphere, among other things, we find the Eagles Emanations which comprise:

The inside surface of the luminous sphere

The Assemblage Point

The physical body

The energy body

The “spots of mystery”, major and minor

The “front resonance”


Stuck energy

Free (moving) energy

The Shallow Stream of Awareness

Tendon energy

The “spots of memory”, the places where our memories are stored

Now within each luminous sphere, energy should be flowing. That is the natural condition of energy, after all. However, it gets “stuck” in a variety of ways and places, stuck until we hardly have enough energy to function.

Passes “mine” this stuck energy, physically dig it out and put it back into circulation. So, being that we are energy miners, the obvious question arises. Where does the energy get stuck?

Well, one place energy collects is on the inside of the luminous sphere. When energy slows down, it sort of congeals into some kind of weird stuff that’s like energetic “silly putty” or “nutty putty”, a stuff that can be molded but that shatters upon impact. Energy in this form is thickly encrusted on the inside of the luminous sphere.

Another place energy sticks is in all of the “spots of mystery” or “energy centers”, the energy vortices that sparkle throughout the interior of the luminous sphere, both inside and outside our physical bodies. The ancient sorcerers of our lineage developed an exquisitely simple method to deal with energy stuck in vortices in the body (first vibrate the spot, then wait, then press on it), and a number of passes use variations on this theme to free the stuck energy  “hey, free the energy”, now there’s a rallying cry.

Another place full of stuck energy is what I call the “front resonance”. It’s kind of hard to describe. Imagine you are standing, and a person your size and height is standing about a foot or so (30 cm) in front of you and facing you. Look the person up and down with your mind’s eye, and locate on the person the major energy centers, minor ones as well. Imagine the centers spinning with a liquid fire. Then erase the mental picture of the person, but leave the mental picture of the energy centers.

As it turns out, this is a permanent energy feature of the interior of the luminous sphere — a reflection (or more accurately a resonance) of the instant by instant energetic aspect our body, including all the energy centers.

Normally, in our everyday lives, this front resonance is totally encrusted in stuck energy. Imagine a statue in a cave, where a stalactite has completely engulfed and hidden the statue. That’s what it looks like, like two columns (left and right body) of melted candle wax.

A large number of magical passes are concerned with mining this stuck energy. Another group of passes pounds, smashes, punches, chops, snaps, and otherwise energizes the energy centers in the front resonance. And a final group (Westwood Series, Passes for Recapitulation) forges the energy body itself, right there on the front resonance.

Regarding our current topic, the Passes for the Center for Decisions, a number of them activate the energy center in the front resonance which corresponds to the Center for Decisions. It is located on the front resonance, right where it would be in the body, at the same height as the Center for Decisions.

When this center in the front resonance is activated (through striking, snapping, hitting with the back of the hand, etc.), the energy is immediately transferred straight through the Center for Decisions. Since we can strike this spot directly, and we cannot strike the Center for Decisions directly, a number of the passes take this indirect method of sending energy through the Center for Decisions.

In the passes which involve activating this center on the front resonance, it is important to aim the strike or blow accurately at the center. How is this done? There are no methods, it is done purely by intending to strike that spot precisely.


The Breathing

Many of the passes use the breath to aid in the redeployment of energy. In addition, each pass or series of passes induces a particular kind of breathing, which is different for different passes or series.

This is particularly true of the Passes for the Center for Decisions, because the Center for Decisions is also the Center for Breathing. As the Center for Decisions is strengthened, the throat opens and the breathing becomes naturally deeper.

I cannot do these passes breathing through my nose. Shifting to other states of awareness requires lots more oxygen, and I just can’t get it through my nose.

Yawning is a very good sign, it indicates a shift of awareness, and after the yawn is finished, it is important to maintain the opened, expanded breathing which naturally follows the yawn.


Physical Manifestations

There are a number of physical changes which accompany a shift in awareness. These include a popping or opening in my ears, an opening and widening of my throat, a high ringing or buzzing sound, and the popping and cracking of joints and tendons in my body.

In addition, many of the passes will shake or vibrate the part of the body where their energy is directed. Becoming aware of this feeling will increase the effect of the passes.


The Assemblage Point

“The hinge of sorcery is the mystery of the Assemblage Point”, said the Nagual Juan Matus. And the hidden intent of all of the passes is to free our Assemblage Points to move to new locations, both inside and outside the body. In the case of these passes, the Assemblage Point is to be moved to the Center for Decisions.

This is done by building up the energy of the Center for Decisions. When the energy of that center becomes strong enough, the Assemblage Point is attracted to the light, and with practice and intent the shift becomes possible.


The Passes

OK, enough theory, to the passes themselves.

Passes 1-4. Bringing Energy to the Center for Decisions with a Back and Forth Motion of the Hands and Arms

These four passes all have two parts, with the breathing reversed. In the first part, the points of the tensed hands are used to shatter energy. In the second part, when the breathing is reversed, that energy is  transported to the Center for Decisions.

These passes, along with many others, use a two-part method for redeploying energy. In the first part, the stuck energy is loosened up in some manner. And in the second part, the energy is transported from where it was loosened and is placed on the desired location. In this case, the energy is shattered around the abdomen area of the front resonance and placed on the Center for Decisions.

Intention is everything, so intend that the energy which you break loose be pulled, when you pull back your hands, to and through the Center for Decisions.

Pass 5. Bringing Energy to the Center for Decisions from the Midsection of the Body

This pass has to be “pushed” from the midsection. The hips do not tilt as the body tips from side to side. It is important that the fingers point directly at the V-spot.

Pass 6. Bringing Energy to the Center for Decisions from the Area of the Shoulder Blades

This motion is done entirely with the shoulder blades. The elbows are alternately pushed forwards as far as possible, without moving the chest at all. Keep the breastbone straight to the front.

Pass 7. Stirring Energy around the Center for Decisions with a Bent Wrist

The first part of this pass uses another method for redeploying energy, which is to scrape it off of the inside surface of the luminous sphere and place it somewhere else. In this case, it is scraped off the luminous sphere and then thrown through the Center for Decisions.

In the second part of the pass, the counterpart of the Center for Decisions on the front resonance is struck with the wrist and the back of the hand. Aim right for that energy center, it doesn’t work if you miss it.

Pass 8. Transferring Energy from the Two Centers of Vitality on the Front of the Body to the Center for Decisions

This pass collects the energy from the centers of vitality and smashes it on the counterpart of the Center for Decisions on the front resonance. Again it is important that the blow be accurate. The energy transferred to that spot is immediately transferred through the Center for Decisions.

Pass 9. Bringing Energy to the Center for Decisions from the Knees

This pass is a breath. In the pass, leave your throat open and your breath free. In the first part, a natural energy flow is emphasized with the hands. Each hand is circled in front of the V-spot, and by doing this the energy is pushed along the channel from the corresponding V-spot in the front resonance, to (and through) the V-spot in the throat. Then the corresponding V-spot is snapped, as though with a whip.

After bending over, when the inhalation is taken and held, energy is caught around the knees by grabbing it in your fists and crossing your wrists. This energy is taken up over the head, and is placed with the open hands at the base of the back of the neck. From there goes on through the V-spot.

In the final parts of the pass, you inhale while bent over, and then as you exhale you bring the energy up from the knees and throw it through the V-spot. Finally, you do the same but you throw the energy through your eyes.

This pass is the pass which allowed me to first shift (and hold, but not for long) my Assemblage Point to another location. When I do a series of passes, I often will do a whole bunch of whatever pass is particularly appealing or effective at the moment. One time, I was doing this pass for maybe an hour or so, and danged if the shift didn’t occur.

The effects of the shift are quite obvious. The most obvious effect to me is a clarity, combined with what I can only describe as an indifference or a coldness. This is not an indifference due to lack of interest. It is an indifference based in a different perception of the world, one in which my future, my fate and the fate of those around me is a matter of no interest at all. It is a world of crystalline decisions, each one standing alone, each one perfectly clear. It is a place of action without reflection and choices without worry, of efficient motion and instant action, with no worries, no regrets, and no pity.

Passes 10-12. Transferring Energy from the Back to the Front

Well, here’s what I see happening in these passes. I can only tell you what it looks like from here, others may explain it differently

These three passes, which differ only in the details, are all intended to take the Assemblage Point from its normal location, bring it to the corresponding V-spot on the front resonance, and then release it. When it is released, it springs back to its original location, passing directly through the V-spot on its way.

The Assemblage Point does not like to move from its normal place (on the luminous sphere straight behind the right shoulder blade), so it is necessary to loosen it. This is done by first grabbing the energy from the corresponding V-spot in the front resonance and smashing that energy back so it surrounds and shakes the Assemblage Point. Then the Assemblage Point is loosened, either by bouncing the Assemblage Point or by scooping up energy around it and packing it on the Assemblage Point.

Then the Assemblage Point is grabbed, either with the open hand like grabbing a tennis ball or by grabbing it in the crook of the wrist, and is brought forward by various means, placed on the corresponding V-spot in the front resonance, and struck with the hand. Place it directly on that spot, and if you miss, you can move it to that spot when you strike it with the hand.

When the hand is removed, the Assemblage Point shoots back to its normal spot on the back of the luminous sphere, carrying lots of energy with it straight through the V-spot. I sometimes practice stalking by holding the Assemblage Point for a breath or two before I let it go back through theV-spot.

So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I will write again when the madness is upon me.

Best to all in this marvelous, mysterious world,