The King of Passes; The Life Saver

In their usual sorceric sneaky fashion, this pass was not initially called a pass by Cleargreen. It was first introduced as a warm-up. Then Florinda Donner-Grau spilled the beans, said it was a pass when she demonstrated it and talked about it at a later workshop, stardate unknown. It was her answer to someone’s question about which magic pass to do if one were sick, and she said “The King of the Passes”. In support of this overall life-giving effect, the Nagual Carlos is said to have called this pass the “Life Saver”.

Now. How to describe it. A definition first, the “lower disc”. This is the part of your trunk just below the navel, from side to side and front to back, and extends out from the physical body for a hand’s breadth or so horizontally. OK.

Take the normal deep tensegrity stance, not wide but just deep enough so your knees hide your toes. Relax your arms and shoulders, and begin turning your “lower disc” first to the left, and then to the right. The motion of your lower disk will turn your shoulders, and your shoulders will move your arms, and your arms will swing out freely and wrap around your body at the end of each turn.

Your head turns too, and the turn is done far enough each way to look straight back behind you on first one side, then the other. The arms remain relaxed throughout, moved only by the spin of the lower disk and the shoulders. You should feel a warm tension in the lower disk.

Ok, that’s the basic movement, try that until you’re comfortable. Now the details.

I’ll start the description at the point when your lower disk is turned all of the way to the left. At the start of the turn to the right, rotate both palms so they face in the direction the arms will be moving. In this case, the palms face right.

Now, here’s the energetic aspect of the pass. Energy is encrusted on the inside surface of the luminous sphere. We will be gathering that energy by scraping it off of the inside of the luminous sphere with our hands. Simple but effective.

So, as you are turning, you scrape energy, palm first, off of inside of the luminous sphere. Keep your fingers together and pointed, with the thumb against the edge of the palm. If the fingers are spread, we’ll just dig furrows in the encrusted energy and not gather it in. There should be a feeling of pleasurable tension in the hands, especially across the knuckles.

Try it a few times with just turning the palms in the direction of motion and scraping off the energy, just to get the feeling.

Next, consider that the further you extend your fingertips, the deeper you can mine the good, rich energy. So extend outward, but not by stretching aggressively, rather by a sense of reaching, an outwards expansion of your fingertips.

Finally, where do we put the energy that we have gathered? Assuming we started from the left and are turning clockwise (seen from above), the left hand puts it on the right shoulder, and the right hand puts it on energy spot on the back associated with the kidneys/adrenals. This is done naturally at the end of the turn.

Details within details. The hand placing energy on the shoulder actually touches the shoulder, with the palm on the front of the shoulder and the fingers curling over the top outside part of the shoulder.

The hand in the back, however, does not touch the back. Instead it packs the energy as though it were packing a scoop of ice cream on a cone, directly over the back energy spot, and without touching the back. The palm of the hand behind you faces forward, towards your back, when you place or pack the energy on the spot in back.

Finally, you must use your intention to complete the circle. It is not enough to collect a bunch of energy in your hands and then to pack the energy ON the body. Your intention should be for the energy to go INTO your body. Intend that the gathered energy goes into your shoulder and into the energy center on your back, and it will go there with great beneficial effect.

Why is this pass, among the passes, so lifegiving? Dunno, but here’s my thoughts on that.

  1. The gentle twisting of the body, from the toes to the top of the head, naturally frees and straightens the spine, as well as all the joints of the legs.
  1. The turning encourages a 360 degree awareness, an awareness of what is happening all around us.
  1. The energy center in our backs gets packed with energy. This is the center that contains long-term energy, energy for sustained effort. This energy is vital for health.
  1. The energy is being moved and mixed from the right body to the left body, and vice versa. This gives an unusual charge, an awakening charge, to the two bodies.

So, that’s the King of the Passes, the Life Saver. May it be as empowering for you as it has been for me.